Truth Tuesday – Blinded by Worry and Doubt?

by Kathy


blinded by doubtAre you currently having to persevere through a circumstance in your life?  Perhaps you are waiting for…. a prayer to be answered…for a wound to heal from a broken heart…for a trial to end…for a relationship to be restored…for a healthy habit to take hold…for a diagnosis to improve…

When we are having to persevere through something,  anxious thoughts can easily slip into our mind.  If these anxious thoughts are allowed to be rehearsed over and over in our mind, we set ourselves up for more emotions to set in… fear, worry, discouragement, impatience, ungratefulness, doubt and so much more!

Oh how clever the enemy is!  His plan is to keep our attention on the difficulty of our circumstance rather, than where it should be – On Christ!  In fact, it is the enemy’s goal to blind us to God’s very presence and place in our minds seeds of doubt where we question – “Does God care?”  “Will God work out His plan for me?” – (name additional thoughts you think of here)

I want you to take a moment to read 2 Kings, chapter 6.  I love this story because I am reminded of what I need to do when I am feeling fearful or anxious,begin to doubt God, and don’t see Him working in my situation.

In 2 Kings, we find that King Aram was at war with Israel.  During this time, Elisha and another man of God continuously spied on King Aram and reported his strategy to the King of Israel.  When King Aram found out that Elisha was blowing his cover to Israel, he sent horsemen and chariots by night to surround Elisha’s camp and capture him.  When Elisha and the man of God saw this, the man cried out – “what shall we do” (vs.16)  Then Elisha prayed and asked God to show the man all those that were fighting with them.  Suddenly, the man saw chariots of fire all around him.

Don’t you just love this story?! When you feel discouraged, experience fear, or doubt, remember this story and ask God to open your eyes to see His power working in your battle.   As I wait, I watch for ways that God is working and then write them down in my journal.  Going  back and reading these journal entries from time to time encourages my heart and helps me to remain thankful.  It also allows me to see how God is weaving together a beautiful tapestry in my life – a great story to share with others.

This coming week, I would like to encourage you to make a list of the things that you are having to persevere through.  As you go through your week, pray the same prayer that Elisha did in 2 Kings 6.  “God, show me how you are fighting for your plan in my situation!”  Then, watch and continue to pray.   As you see God work (even in a small way), write it down.  Let this move you towards giving thanks and getting excited about watching for more ways He is working.

Since the enemy wants to keep our focus on not practicing God’s presence, next week I will be sharing with you some thought on “Practicing His Presence”.  Until then…

Have a Grace Full Week!

4 Responses to “Truth Tuesday – Blinded by Worry and Doubt?”

  1. Julie Phillips says:

    Dear Kathy, My son, Daniel has been.battling whooping cough for over 2 weeks.He is exhausted and down trodden. I asked my.daughter at bedtime who is 10 and very inquisitive, Do you ever feel like God is not listening? She said no, He is all powerful. Love how God restored my faith at that moment. He then brought to mind the parting of the Red Sea working thru the night to prepare a way. I am holding onto this intimate moment to hang on and keep on encouraging

  2. Audree says:

    You cannot imagine how timely this series is for me. Since Zoe’s diagnoses our whole world has been up ended.

    • Kathy says:

      Praising God for how His grace has been extended to you in this way! Private message me and keep me posted on Zoe. What is the diagnosis? I will be praying for you!! You can private message me by clicking on the top of this page the link that says (contact me). The message will be sent to my personal email…so glad my sweet friend how God ministered to your heart through these words!

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