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Foodie Friday – Peach Salad Dressing

I’m kind of addicted to peaches right now.  I want them with every meal!  The other day, my husband and I did a little experimenting in the kitchen and came up with a peach salad dressing that we just love.  It is so delicious!  If you don’t have an olive oil infused store near by, […]

Foodie Friday – Spicy Creamy Parmesan Chicken and Penne Pasta

Last week, my husband and I were on vacation.  We decided to do a two part vacation.  Part 1 – stay home and relax for a couple of days, enjoying our backyard pool.  Part 2 – get away to Traverse City, Michigan and explore the beauty of this area.  I thought it would be fun […]

Foodie Friday – Banana Blueberry Mini-Loaves

It’s blueberry season here in Michigan and I am eating them by the handfuls!  I always make sure to buy plenty to freeze so that I can make this recipe all through the year.  I stopped to think the other day how long I have been using this recipe and I believe it has been more than 15 years.  We just never […]

Foodie Friday – Easy Dessert!

The weather has been off the charts beautiful this past week!  I have wanted to spend very little time cooking in the kitchen so when I needed a dessert this past week for an event I hosted at my home, I wanted something easy and quick to prepare.  Here’s all you need:

Foodie Friday – Stuffed Cajun Chicken Breasts

  I found a similar recipe to this about a month ago while looking on Pinterest.  I have made it several times, changing the ingredients just a bit until I was satisfied with the flavors.   It’s not only moist and delicious, but it is so easy to prepare!  It became an instant hit with our family.   The Cajun spices and pepper jack […]

Foodie Friday – Grilled Summer Vegetable Salad

 (Note about picture:  I wish I had gotten a better picture of this dish before we ate it.  It was Father’s Day and the crew was most anxious to sit down and enjoy.  Trust me, it was so good!) Seeing that it’s almost July 4th, I thought I would be able to post a recipe/picture […]

Foodie Friday – Bacon-Wrapped Sutffed Peppers

  My husband and I just got back from the beautiful area of San Francisco!  While we were there, we got to visit my husband’s brother and his wife and fix them this dish for dinner.  We were unable to be with them for their 40th anniversary party earlier this summer, so I thought it would […]

Foodie Friday – Banana Caramel Muffins

I hope you enjoyed last week’s story on Foodie Friday where our kitchen took on the task of being a test kitchen for a very special wedding day treat for the wedding attendants and out of town guests at our son and daughter-in-law’s wedding.  The adventure led us to choosing three deliciously, moist muffins to give as […]

Foodie Friday – Wedding Day Muffins

  There is something very exciting about the morning of a wedding!  Going into the day, you know it will include a whirl of activity as you run here and there.  Our daughter-in-love had a whole day of fun and beauty planned for her bridesmaids, which started with a very early morning “Booty Buns” workout, followed […]

Foodie Friday – Shopping With My Mom…Cooked Apples…Priceless Memories!

  There are daily wedding details to handle around my household right now.  Only 7 more days!!  Oh, so excited! Earlier this week, I spent the day shopping with my sweet mama, helping her to be all “dolled-up for the wedding festivities.  As we drove around town and shopped, we talked about all the plans and the prayers that […]