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In the Waiting Room – Week 12 – Thursday Notes

Here we are with the last study notes of this series and I am so thankful for these words that God has given us…”Be still and know that I am God”.   My sweet friend, let those words settle deep in your heart.  In today’s notes, I will share some things that God has been teaching my […]

In the Waiting Room – Week 12 – Tuesday Study Notes

Today I want you to read Psalm 46:1-7 from a different version than you read yesterday.   Who or what do you run to when you are in a personally intense trial, or as I called it last week a PIT? 

In the Waiting Room – Week 12 – Video

I can hardly believe that 12 weeks have gone by and this week’s lesson will complete our series titled, In the Waiting Room.  I plan on taking a few weeks off for Christmas and won’t be taping another video Bible study lesson until mid-January.  I will keep you posted with updates.  I also have a […]

In the Waiting Room – Week 11 – Thursday Notes

We are going to continue Tuesday’s lesson by looking at other verses in Psalm 40.  If you have time, do the whole study today and look at all the verses mentioned.  If not, just choose one verse and let this verse and the questions outlined take you through the rest of your week.

In the Waiting Room – Week 11 – Tuesday Notes

I know how busy life can get at times making it difficult to sit down for a quiet, uninterrupted time of reading a whole chapter of verses in God’s Word.  There are times that I do have time for this, and then there are times I don’t.  When I just a have a few minutes, I […]

In the Waiting Room – Week 11 – Video

We are going to be looking at Psalm 40 this week.  This Psalm just warms my heart with such hope!  David’s testimony is that he waitied patiently and God lifted him out of the pit.  Friend…God is working on your situation and in His perfect timing, He is going to lift you out of your […]

In the Waiting Room – Week 10 – Thursday Study Notes

On Tuesday, we talked about the principles of trusting in the Lord, taking delight in God, and committing our way to God.  Today we are going to talk about one more principle in the first eight verses of Psalm 37 – being still and waiting patiently.   When we are not intentional about applying these principles […]

In the Waiting Room – Week 10 – Tuesday Study Notes

Have you ever heard of the saying, “green with envy”?  It means to be come full of desire for someone else’s posessions or advantages.  It is so easy, during our waiting periods, to come down with this illness!  Oh how our hearts can become quite ill when we don’t treat this sickness!

In the Waiting Room – Week 10 – Video

We are going to be studying together Psalm 37 this week.  This has been a long time favorite Psalm of mine.  In his later years, David had some wonderful wisdom to share with us of what he had found to be true in his life.  Through everything that he faced, the good or bad, David […]

In the Waiting Room – Week 9 – Thursday Notes

On Tuesday, we talked about how David’s sin made him feel, and then how his heart rejoiced when God forgave him.  We are going to be considering today what David meant by God desiring for us to come to Him with a broken and contrite heart when we approach Him asking for forgiveness.  We will […]