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In the Waiting Room – Week 9 – Tuesday Notes

Psalm 32 and 51 must be read together to get a full picture of what David felt like to have unconfessed sin in his life, and then the joy and peace that was his, once he confessed that sin.  Monday’s video contains a synopsis of the event that caused David’s fellowship with God to be […]

In the Waiting Room – Week 9 – Video

This coming week we will be studying two Psalms because you can’t read one without the other.  They go hand in hand.  It is thought that Psalm 51 was written first as it reflects the tremendous amount of anguish that David was feeling as the result of sin in his life.  Psalm 32 shares David’s thoughts […]

In the Waiting Room – Thanksgiving Week

Happy Thanksgiving my dear sweet friends!  This coming week I will not be sending you lessons on Tuesday and Thursday because I want to enjoy this week with my family and this precious holiday.  I have posted a video today with an idea for you to do this week.  I pray that it will bless […]

In the Waiting Room – Week 8 – Thursday Study Notes

I just love the descriptions David used for God in Psalm 27:1!  Because God is our light, our salvation, and our stronghold, we can have great peace knowing that He will guide us faithfully through our daily circumstances.  We must intentionally choose to trust Him each moment of the day.  Satan loves to fill our minds […]

In the Waiting Room – Week 8 – Tuesday Notes

I am always so in awe of how God can take a passage of scripture that I have read before, and have something new for me each and everytime I look at it!  The first time I read through this passage, my focus was on what we learned with last week’s lesson.  Well, this week, I am excited […]

In the Waiting Room – Week 8 – Video

We are going to continue to dig into Psalm 27 again this week….so welcome to part II!  Last week, as we looked at the whole chapter, I shared with you how I noticed that there was a theme of three general statements in this passage: Statements of Trust Statements of Intent Statements of Requests

In the Waiting Room – Week 7 – Thursday Notes

On Tuesday, we talked about how Psalm 27 reflects statements made by David that declared trust and confidence in God, as well as his actions based on that trust.  Today, we are going to look at more statements made in this passage that shows us David’s dependency on God by asking for what his heart […]

In the Waiting Room – Week 7 – Tuesday Notes

Waiting on God is never easy.  Sometimes we get discouraged, weary, and frustrated.  It can seem as though God is distant and silent.  Last week we talked about some things that can happen when we allow discontent to grow in our hearts. One of the consequences we talked about was that our emotions can cause […]

In the Waiting Room – Week 7 – Video

Welcome to week 7 in our study!  This coming week we are going to be studying Psalm 27.  As I put together my notes for this week’s study, I quickly realized that God had given me so many wonderful things to share with you that it would take up two weeks of lessons.  So…let’s camp […]

In the Waiting Room – Week 6 – Thursday Study

Tuesday we talked about being intentional about praising God as you go throughout your day.  As we begin today’s lesson,  I want you to think about this…