God Is Able – Devotional #2 – Part A – Turning to Him

by Kathy

God Is Able 2


Now to Him who is able to do exceeding abundantly

beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power

that works within us, to Him be the glory in the church

and in Christ Jesus to all generations forever and ever.


Ephesians 3:20-21

If you are reading the book God is Able by Priscilla Shirer, read chapter 2 this week.

Think back for just a moment to last week’s devotion (#1) which challenged our hearts to  connect our current “now” with God’s present ability.  Oh how I wish that I could sit down with each of you and chat about the “now” you face and how you refocused your thoughts this week, thinking of His undeniable ability.  How did God sweep into your “now” last week?   Please feel free to leave a comment about this below.

This week, let’s look together at the words  to Him.

In order to connect our current “now” and experience Him now, we need to make a deliberate decision to change our perspective.  This will require action on our part.  You may be asking this question right now – So what action do I need to take and where do I begin?  It begins with a simple choice of pivoting your attention away from where you are tempted to look – to all that is frustrating you…all that is frightening you…all the details involved in your now…all that is stealing you of your joy and confidence – and TURNING – TO HIM!!

I love that Priscilla gets right down to the practicality of explaining what it looks like to turn to Jesus.  She says it quite simply – “Quit staring at your problems!”  She goes on to say this…

While we seem to find the concept of turning to Jesus a bit mysterious, we don’t have any difficulty turning to our aches and pains and wants and lacks.  They’re often all we think about.  We stare at them through the windshield when we’re driving.  We pain them on the back of our eyelids at night.  We measure them, compare them, analyze them, dissect them.  They’ll take all our energy and attention if we let them.  Because they hate being ignored.  They’ll scream and squeal and pout and protest.  They’ll remind you what all could go wrong if you dare to overlook them.  And when they’re not pressing your anxiety buttons, they’re pushing their load of candied addictions at you, offering the cheap wares they sell for the relief you crave.”

As chapter two unfolds, Priscilla discusses that we are always turning somewhere.  To whom or what do you turn to when your “now is screaming for your attention and pressing in on all your buttons? Be assured the enemy wants us to be focused on ourselves, our weaknesses, or our needs so that we turn to anything but Jesus Christ.

Do you turn to constantly or frequently thinking about your problems and difficulties?  We can easily go down paths of needing to analyze them, consider every possible solution to them, and worry over them.  It doesn’t matter if it’s day or night, our thoughts can be consumed by our problems.

Do you turn to others (family, friends, pastor, prayer group etc.)?  This is fine and is really helpful.  But as Priscilla states it so well, “if that’s all the turning we ever do, we’re just piling on blankets without ever cranking the heat up.”    Please hear this!  Friends are wonderful at listening to our concerns and sympathizing with us.   They can pray for us and find ways to encourage us and offer us that hug we need. They can offer wise counsel to us.    BUT….they can’t do what God can do…He is Able…He alone has the power to perfectly take care of our circumstances.   “He is the only one who can give us exactly what is best”. 

Do you turn to yourself?  You may be tempted to  buck it up and work hard at taking care of your needs, all the while hoping that no one sees the messes you have made.  Turning to ourselves will only leave us with hearts full of pride, confusion at what to do next, incomplete perspectives and limited resources.  Carrying such a heavy load alone will surely lead to complete exhaustion and discouragement.

Do you turn to Junk?  Priscilla describes junk as things like television, Internet, movies, sports, hobbies, shopping, food, etc.  Again, these items are not bad in and of themselves.  But, they can become distractions the enemy uses to fill the void we feel in our hearts, using them as opportunities to escape and deaden our reality.  While he tempts us with these distractions, he plants ideas in our heads that more “junk’ will certainly bring us happiness and wholeness.

Take a minute and read back through these things that we so easily turn towards.  Ask yourself this question – What do I often turn to?  Be really honest with yourself.

Do you want to make the right turn? Turn to Him.  God wants us focused on Him – on His deity – on His ability – and His boundless power.

Let these words gently touch your heart and encourage you – He is never overwhelmed or embarrassed at your problems- He is not bothered by your constant needs and requests – He doesn’t love you any less because of your mistakes – He will not reject your coming to Him even when you have forgotten to turn to Him in the past.

Just turn  to Him.  Look to Him. Continue believing in His Sovereign ability.  No matter what you face, He is still in charge.  All authority and power are still in His hand.  If you don’t turn to Him, you will only succeed at resisting His ability to reach in and change your now

I would like to encourage you to do the following things this week:

1.  Remember last week when I asked you to write down on a piece of paper Ephesians 3:20-21 and highlight the word “Now”? This week, I want you to highlight, in a different color, the words “to Him“.  Again, place this verse where you will see it often.  As you go through your week, remind yourself to turn to Him and not to other things alone.

2.  Read Hebrews 12:1-3.  Be sure to watch for another blog post from me on Thursday, where I will share with you what it means to turn and fix your eyes on Jesus.

Have a Grace Full Week Turning To Him ~

4 Responses to “God Is Able – Devotional #2 – Part A – Turning to Him”

  1. Glenna Barr says:

    Once again, Kathy, you have blessed me. It seems I’m in a “season of life” and this is just what I need.
    Big hugs and thanks to you!!!
    Love you,

    • Kathy says:

      Love you too Glenna! I am sitting hear this morning thanking God that He is using this study to encourage so many. I am loving reading this book for a second time and allowing God to use it to not only minister to my own heart but to others as well. This week’s study is going to be in two parts. Watch for Thursday’s posting of Part B. You will love the worship number at the end of Thursday’s devotional!!

  2. Dee says:

    I realized in reading this again this week that I turn to all three suggested outlets: Friends, Myself and Junk. I’m working hard to press in TO HIM. I love where you say, “He is never overwhelmed or embarrassed at your problems- He is not bothered by your constant needs and requests – He doesn’t love you any less because of your mistakes – He will not reject your coming to Him.” It was what I needed to hear.

    • Kathy says:

      Thank you for sharing what God is showing you today! The words written were words that I needed to remind my heart as well. Oh how He loves us and wants to show us His perfect plan for our lives…and when we truly grasp that, He will be who we turn to each time before the others. Love you Dee with all my heart!

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