God Is Able – Devotional #5 – God Is Able To Do It All

by Kathy


God Is Able 2

Now to Him who is able to do exceeding abundantly

 beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power

that works within us, to Him be the glory in the church

and in Christ Jesus to all generations forever and ever.


Ephesians 3:20-21

If you reading the book God Is Able by Priscilla Shirer, pleaser read chapter 5 this week.

If you have written out Ephesians 3:20-21, draw a box around the words “all that we ask or think” and highlight the word “all” with a bright color.


I love what Priscilla wrote – “There is a totality to God’s ability.  It takes in ALL that concerns us….ALL of it….He is able.


Chapter 5 reminded me that God doesn’t just want to handle the big sweeping things in my life that bring me great concern.  He wants me to bring my small concerns to Him as well.  How often do you and I choose to think that we can handle the small things in our lives, or consider those small needs to be a bother to Him?  How often do we limit our view of God by thinking He doesn’t care about the little things going on at the moment – the routine of everyday life?

Let me share with you how God used this chapter in my life this week to show me how much He does work ALL things beyond what we ask or think.   I was sitting in a coffee shop with a sweet friend, listening to her share with me things that God was challenging her to live out.  She was honestly struggling with a few things and I was praying that God would be give me the right words to encourage her heart.  As we were talking, I reached into my purse to grab my phone to check the time.  We had been there for a while and I had an appointment that I needed to keep.  As I reached for my phone, I felt nothing as I placed my hand in the pocket where I usually keep it.   I remember that I was talking on the phone as I pulled into the parking spot.  (I know!!! Please don’t yell at me!!).  Actually my cell phone was on my lap and I was talking via the blue tooth in my car.  At that moment, I knew that my phone was sitting somewhere in the middle of a busy main street!

As we sat there talking, I began praying about this concern.  “Lord, you know where my phone is right now. I am not going to sit here and be concerned about it.  You have put it on my heart to simply sit and minister to this gal.  Please protect my phone.  Amen.”  We sat and chatted about another 45 minutes.  In those minutes, I realized God was working further in the gal’s life and bringing enlightenment to her situation.  When were done talking, I walked to my car and wondered what my phone was going to look  like!  Guess what?!!!?  My phone was indeed lying in the street…in an inch of slush and water!! BUT….It was not crushed by any car tires…AND…when I picked it up, it only had a few drops of water on it that easily wiped off….AND it worked perfectly!!!!   I got in my car and thanked God for showing me in such a real way that He cared about my little concern that day and went beyond what I thought would happen to my phone.

 So here is my question for you:  Is there anything you are not vocalizing to God in prayer because you think its too insignificant to bring up?  Is there any issue you feel would be too big a waste of His time to request?  No matter the care…no matter the apprehension….no matter the uneasiness…no matter the frustration…no matter the irritation…no matter how small the concern – we should never shy away from bringing it to our Heavenly Father!

Listen to these words by Priscilla – “Asking of God doesn’t make us pushy, not according to the Bible.  Nor, of course, does it mean He’ll give us whatever we want.  But when we take Him up on His invitation to ask for what we need – both the big things and the small things – one of the greatest things He gives us is the opportunity to recognize exactly where our help is coming from.  When we request and He answers, we are enabled to know beyond any doubt that He was the One working in our experience.”

Go ahead this week>  Take every one of your cares – no matter how big or small – and ask Him to work ALL of it beyond what you ask or think!

Have a Grace Full week seeing God is able to do it ALL!


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