God Is Able – Devotional #8 – Living Out God Is Able

by Kathy

God Is Able 2


Instead of posting Ephesians 3:20-21 today, how about you just close your eyes and say it from memory the best you can.  How did you do?

We are at the end of the book!  WOW!  I hope you have enjoyed reading this book as much as I have.  I have now read it three times and look forward to picking it up again somewhere down the road and reading it with fresh new eyes.

Remember back to lesson #1 when I asked you to think about a current “now” that you were experiencing that was hard?   Perhaps during the time of this study, God has brought an end to that difficulty, or perhaps He has allowed you to remain in it for the time being.  Hopefully, these devotions have caused you to look at your “now” in the full light of God’s Word, allowing it to no longer look the same way as it did before.  You should be connecting your “now” through the lens of Ephesians 3:20-21 and with God’s ability.

Let’s stop for just a moment and consider our answers to these questions that reflect back at the last two months of blog postings.

  1. Are you connecting your “now” to God’s ability?
  2. Are you turning to Him instead of allowing your circumstance to dominate your thinking, emotions and actions?
  3. Are you learning to expect that God is able and will do things that are exceedingly – abundantly – beyond what you could even imagine?
  4. Are you submitting to the truth that God gets to decide how His “beyondness” fleshes itself out in your life?
  5. Are you remembering that God is able to handle ALL your needs?
  6. Have you tapped into the turbo power of God that is at work within you?
  7. Are you sizing up that everything God allows into your life is for the purpose of HIS GLORY ALONE?

In the days to come, I hope you will join me in living out Ephesians 3:20-21 as follows:

  • Whenever people ask us what’s going on in our personal life, rather than give them the soap box details of all the troubles and heartaches – let’s give God’s name and activity center stage, telling them more about His work than our worries.
  • Whatever season of life we are facing, let’s celebrate the freedom His ability give us to be content.
  • When everything inside yells at us to come unglued, panic and run away, let’s give God the glory for all the boldness and fearlessness He pumps through our lives.
  • Let’s talk up the miracles we see Him doing in our lives….and expect them!
  • When we are dealing with difficult circumstances, let’s let people hear why our confidence is in the Lord and it is well placed.
  • No matter what today or tomorrow looks like, let’s relax in the hope that God’s power infuses into us.
  • Let’s give God so much praise for how loved we are…how cared for we are…how blessed we are…how sheltered we are…how MIGHTY HE IS…PRAISE HIM FOR HIS SOVERIGN GRACE!

I have truly loved doing this study with each of you!  I pray that it has blessed you and pointed you toward only ONE that matters – the Lord Jesus Christ!

Have a Grace Full Week Living Out the Truth that He Is Able!

PS>  Next Tuesday,  I will be posting a little information about a study I will be doing here at Grace Full Journey that will begin on Tuesday, April 13.  I have been praying about it and feel that God has led me to unpack some things from a book in His Word.  I have already begun to study and I’m finding many treasures for my heart and hopefully yours too!

4 Responses to “God Is Able – Devotional #8 – Living Out God Is Able”

  1. Dottie Thomas says:

    Thank you, Kathy, for sharing this wonderful book with us. I will read it again as well! Looking forward to your next study!!

    • Kathy says:

      I am so glad you loved this book. I knew the minute I read it that it was going to be one of my all-time favorites and one that I would come back to often for great challenge and encouragement. I will be posting some information about the next Bible study this coming Tuesday. I have already started to do some preparing. Praying that God will use it to speak to many hearts. Grace Full Journey is now going out not only across America, but in several different countries. Praising God for this.

      Thank you for all your encouraging words Dottie!


  2. Jan Quinn says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this book with us. It has been such a blessing to me at this particular time in my life. I have recommended it to many people & will definitely read it again.

    • Kathy says:

      I am so glad that God has used this book to bless you and encouraged your heart to pass it on to others! Thank you for being such an encourager in words to Grace Full Journey ministry. Praying for you.

      Much love and grace,

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