Happy New Year!

by Kathy

I am spending this week working on a new project.  Picking my one word for the year.  For awhile now, I have been following the blog of Rachel Olsen (www.rachelolsen.com) who is an author.  She just released a new book this past month, co-authored with her pastor Mike Ashcraft.  The book is titled My One Word.  The purpose is to take your one word and focus on it for 365 days – think about it…talk about it…journal about it…pray about it…and let it shape your choices and your schedule.

You don’t randomly choose a word by pulling it out of a hat, but instead choose it in tandem with God.  This is done first by making a list of words describing the kind of person you want to become, or that represents what you hope God will do in you for the year.   Pray over the list.  Narrow it down.  Look up the words that resonate most with you in the dictionary and the Bible.  Pray more.  then, pick one.  Post the word where you will see it often – on the fridge, calendar, planner, desk, social media profile, etc.

I love something that Rachel posted a few days ago.  She said this – “The human heart is meant to be conformed to His image.  The power and provision of God will aid us in that transformation.  Paul writes in 2 Corinthians 3:18 that, “the Lord – who is the Spirit – makes us more and more like Him as we are changed into His glorious image.”  “We simply need to remain in a given position long enough for this faith-fueled process to happpen.  My one word holds me there.”

It is so easy to stop taking inventory of where our heart truely is.  Daily life can be ever so busy, fast-paced and demanding.  Our attention is easily divided toward many things.  When we neglect being intentional about seeking to grow in our relationship with Christ, very little transformation happens.

My own list of words is being narrowed down.  I am almost there and I am excited for my journey for the year of 2013 where I will invite God’s grace to fall on me as I intentionally focus on my word and surrender to be conformed to looking more like Him.

If you are interested in more infomation about this, go to the website www.myoneword.com.  See the words that people have chosen for themselves in 2013.  I will share my word with you soon.  I am taking a few more days to pray about it.

Check back on my website this coming Monday.  I will be posting a gift give away and announcing more information about our next Bible study which will begin January 14.  We’ll be studying the book of Colossians in a very applicable and fun format.  I hope you will prayerfullly consider joining me.


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  1. Rene' Hawarny says:

    I am feeling challenged and encouraged at choosing one word for the year. What a great tool to make 2013 conforming me even more in His image. Keep me posted, count me in for the Colossians Bible study. 🙂

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