In the Waiting Room – Week 10 – Video

by Kathy

We are going to be studying together Psalm 37 this week.  This has been a long time favorite Psalm of mine.  In his later years, David had some wonderful wisdom to share with us of what he had found to be true in his life.  Through everything that he faced, the good or bad, David testified that God was always faithful.

This week we’ll be talking about fretting!  You know what that feels like!  I know I do!  I have found that when I am waiting for something in my life, ineviitably I will notice someone that has what I am looking to have and guess what starts to happen?  Yep!  The green eyed monster of envy starts to rear his ugly head!

David shares with us in the Psalm how not to fret!  You are going to love this week!  We are going to learn about 4 principles that will help us not to fret, worry or envy.  Such wonderful tools to put to use in our everyday life.

Click below to hear today’s lesson.  I will be back with study notes as usual on Tuesday and Thursday.

2 Responses to “In the Waiting Room – Week 10 – Video”

  1. Tammy says:

    I was reminded this week, as I was rushing around, not taking the proper time to fully Thank Him and lean on him, that my God is In Control, and not me……
    My list of things to acomplish was long, schdedules had to be kept, because kids were all in school and I had to be back to preschool in just an hour…well got into the car and it was dead! Initially I paniaced and said some not nice things…then as I sat there trying to figure out what was going to happened, it fully dawned on me, that I had my plans, but I hadn’t stopped in a long time and asked god what were his plans for me….needless to say everything worked out just fine…got a friend to pick up mere and my car got fixed, and I got some needed shopping done,…but I learned a valuable that I had forgotten in the heat of the Christmas rush. Thank you again for the reminders Kathy, I’m back 🙂

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