In the Waiting Room – Week 10 – Tuesday Study Notes

by Kathy

Have you ever heard of the saying, “green with envy”?  It means to be come full of desire for someone else’s posessions or advantages.  It is so easy, during our waiting periods, to come down with this illness!  Oh how our hearts can become quite ill when we don’t treat this sickness!

We will be studying Psalm 37 this week.  Verse 25 tells us that David wrote this passage in his older years, when he could look back and share what he found to be true in his life.   He tells us in Psalm 37, that God wants us to follow certain principles so that we avoid becoming envious, which will greatly hinder our heart and our relationship with Him.

Today and Thursday, we are going to look closely at the principles found in the first eight verses of chapter 37.  As I studied these principles, I thought about how they can be applied, not only to envy, but to any circumstance in life that is causing our heart to become weary. There is so much wisdom in these principles!  I hope you have a wonderful week studying this passage.

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Blog – Psalm 37 – Tuesday Study Notes

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  1. Julie Phillips says:

    What a bautiful psalm to meditate on. Love how God always faithfully shows us how to live our lifes thru His Word. On another note, I had been searching for this verse last week for a girlfriend who is struggling with injustices. I was delighted that the Lord plopped it right in my lap..verse 6,7!

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