In the Waiting Room – Week 11 – Thursday Notes

by Kathy

We are going to continue Tuesday’s lesson by looking at other verses in Psalm 40.  If you have time, do the whole study today and look at all the verses mentioned.  If not, just choose one verse and let this verse and the questions outlined take you through the rest of your week.

I have picked out a worship song for you today that came to my mind this week as I prepared to post this study.  As I read Psalm verse 4, 7 and 8 I was reminded that I don’t need to run to “things” (clothes, food, material goods, friends, etc) for my contentment.  When I do the noise of all of this clutters my mind so that I don’t hear HIM.  The result for me is stress, worry, fear, and more!  What He desires is for me to clean up this clutter and come to Him in full surrender to Him and His ways.  The song by Gwen Smith  is called Uncluttered.   I hope you will take a few minutes after your time in God’s Word today to allow her song to minister to your heart.  I couldn’t post Gwen’s video of her singing this song, but you can check it out on  This is someone’s posting of her song.  Anyway…please enjoy.  I just LOVE this song!

Have a Grace Full Weekend!


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  1. Glenna Barr says:

    I had never heard this song before. The last 6 weeks have been relentlessly busy. Thanks for the song. I was crying after two phrases. What a blessing! This was just for me today.

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