In the Waiting Room – Week 11 – Tuesday Notes

by Kathy

I know how busy life can get at times making it difficult to sit down for a quiet, uninterrupted time of reading a whole chapter of verses in God’s Word.  There are times that I do have time for this, and then there are times I don’t.  When I just a have a few minutes, I still try to be intentional about reading God’s Word, but I may only have time to read 1-2 verses.

Today, I am going to share with you how to take just 1-2 verses, or even a phrase in a verse, and allow God to speak to you with it throughout the day.  I hope you will be encouraged with this as you apply it in your own life.

Click below for the today’s study notes.

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  1. Glenna Barr says:

    Great thoughts here Kath. I appreciate them and will use them. I’m thinking of you today on Tim’s birthday. Sounds like you’ve had a lovely evening. Our thoughts are with you as Kelsy comes home and the family gathers for the holidays. Blessings to all!!

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