In the Waiting Room – Week 12 – Thursday Notes

by Kathy

In the waiting roomHere we are with the last study notes of this series and I am so thankful for these words that God has given us…”Be still and know that I am God”.   My sweet friend, let those words settle deep in your heart.  In today’s notes, I will share some things that God has been teaching my heart.  I also will leave you with a message of hope for you to take with you in the days to come.

The worship song I am posting for you today reflects so well this passage in Psalm 46.  It is also very dear to my heart.  A few years ago, my father passed away.  My heart ached to say goodbye to this wonderful man who was faithful in reflecting Christ to me and loved me so well.  Because music ministers to my heart in such a special way, I would often listen to this song for comfort.  It is written and sung by Steven Curtis Chapman.  The name of the song is Be Still.

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Blog – Psalm 46 – Thursday Study Notes

Have a grace full weekend!



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  1. Julie Phillips says:

    I so needed to review this last psalm as i feel parched and weary from my mom’s declining health. The song was so soothing.Steven Curtis Chapman is so gifted with that voice.

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