In the Waiting Room – Week 12 – Video

by Kathy

Psalm 5 CoverI can hardly believe that 12 weeks have gone by and this week’s lesson will complete our series titled, In the Waiting Room.  I plan on taking a few weeks off for Christmas and won’t be taping another video Bible study lesson until mid-January.  I will keep you posted with updates.  I also have a surprise update coming the first week of the New Year!  Stay tuned for a gift give-away that week!

In today’s video, I just had to take a few minutes and look back over our journey of the last 12 weeks and all that we have studied.  I pray that as I briefly review each lesson in today’s video, that God will remind you of the journey that He has had you on through this study.  Spend some time praising Him this week for all that He has taught you!

In this last lesson in this series, we will be looking at Psalm 46.   So often in our times in waiting, we strive to get out of our wait…strive to straighten things out on our own….strive to fix or change things on our own.  While God has given us many great resources and wonderful minds to solve things, I believe that He doesn’t want us doing this on our own.  He wants us to call on Him and seek His face in the journey.  Sometimes our part is simply “to be” rather than “to do”.  Simply….BE STILL AND KNOW THAT HE IS GOD!

That is my prayer for you this week…to be still and to know Him, not just intellectually, but deep in your heart!

Have a grace full week!


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