In the Waiting Room – Week 5 – Tuesday Study Notes

by Kathy

Psalm 18 us such a beautiful hymn of praise!  As David reflected on his life, he summarized it all with praise and adoration to God.  After remembering everything that God had done…after remebering all the times that God has delviered him…after remembering all the times that God intervened with strength and power…after remembering all the times that God strengthened him for the battles…David’s gave praise to the One who made it all possible.

Once again, I saw little nuggets of truths tucked away in this passage that is important to remember in times of waiting.  God showed me there is something for me to do, and then there is a part that He promises to do.  I know that there is quite a few verses to read this week.  50 in all!  I would encourage you to read a few verses morning and evening until all are read.  Let these words of praise truely seep into your heart, and let a song of praise flow from your heart!

Click below for Tuesday’s study notes.

Blog – Psalm 18 Tuesday Study Notes and Questions


2 Responses to “In the Waiting Room – Week 5 – Tuesday Study Notes”

  1. Glenna Barr says:

    Thanks for faithfully doing this. God is using you to minister to me.

  2. Tammy says:

    Love this passage by Lysa. I have been asking God what is on my agenda that maybe isn’t on his agenda…but I love the way she words this! Also that we need not feel guilty about reading only small bits every day, but letting that something small speak to us in big ways. Thanks Kathy!!

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