In the Waiting Room – Week 7 – Tuesday Notes

by Kathy

Waiting on God is never easy.  Sometimes we get discouraged, weary, and frustrated.  It can seem as though God is distant and silent.  Last week we talked about some things that can happen when we allow discontent to grow in our hearts. One of the consequences we talked about was that our emotions can cause us to begin to doubt God – His purposes…His plans…His power…His ability to work things out…His ability to provide.  In essence, we doubt the very character of God.   When we begin to doubt God, the reality is this – we don’t trust Him.

Psalm 27 is a song of trust that David sings to God.   It is written after David became King.  In the midst of new battles, he was confident that he would see the goodness of the Lord.  David put his trust and confidence in who God is and what He had promised to do.  We can too!  As you study this passage, prayerfully consider how you can learn to trust God more fully.

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