In the Waiting Room – Week 8 – Thursday Study Notes

by Kathy

I just love the descriptions David used for God in Psalm 27:1!  Because God is our light, our salvation, and our stronghold, we can have great peace knowing that He will guide us faithfully through our daily circumstances.  We must intentionally choose to trust Him each moment of the day.  Satan loves to fill our minds with all kinds of doubts and discouragment.  We can replace these doubts with statments of trust, which will bring us great confidence and peace.

Today, we are going to look at what it means to seek the Lord.  I would encourage you to ask the Lord to open your eyes to what He wants you to see in today’s lesson.  Seeking Him should be a priority in our life.  However, this world and all that it offers us can easily distract us.  What is distracting you?  What do you long for or crave?  Is it time with God, developing a close relationship with Him, or does something else have your devoted attention?

“The earnestness with which we seek anything reveals the value that we place on what we are seeking” (Nancy Leigh DeMoss)

Spend time quietly before the Lord today and allow Him to show you where you easily get distratced from spending time with Him.  Take time to consider what steps you will take to avoid or diminish those distractions.  When you are done with today’s lesson, come back here and listen to the worship song posted below the study notes.

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If it is your desire to seek His face, let this song be an expression of your heart today.



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  1. Julie Phillips says:

    Thank you for your statements of trust, intent, and requests. So many ways the Holy Spirit taught me i cannot list them all. The reference to Romans 15:13 i have used several occasions to encourage friends living life and dealing with struggles.

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