In the Waiting Room – Week 8 – Tuesday Notes

by Kathy

I am always so in awe of how God can take a passage of scripture that I have read before, and have something new for me each and everytime I look at it!  The first time I read through this passage, my focus was on what we learned with last week’s lesson.  Well, this week, I am excited to be able to share with you some more wonderful truths that blessed my heart as I looked again at Psalm 27.

Today, we will be focusing on verses 1-3.    We’ll discover what personal descriptions David used for God.  We will also get to see that David intentionally disciplined his thought patterns, which strengthend his heart to trust God more and more.

When you have completed today’s lesson, I would love for you to share what it means to you personally that God is your light, your salvation, and your stronghold and how these truths are encouraging you in your wait.  Or…..share a statment of trust and scripture you have created that speaks to your wait.

Click below for today’s lesson notes.

Blog – Psalm 27 Part II – Tuesday Notes and Quetions


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