In the Waiting Room – Week 8 – Video

by Kathy

We are going to continue to dig into Psalm 27 again this week….so welcome to part II!  Last week, as we looked at the whole chapter, I shared with you how I noticed that there was a theme of three general statements in this passage:

  • Statements of Trust
  • Statements of Intent
  • Statements of Requests

I hope your heart was challenged, yet incredibly blessed, as you considered which statements you needed to say to yourself, act on, and need to place as a priority in your life.

This coming week, we are going to re-look at this passage.  On Tuesday, our study notes will focus on just the first three verses.  There is a lot to unpack from these few verses.  I know your heart is going to be filled with joy as you think on these truths this week.  So, find a favorite chair, grab a cup of coffee, and come with me as we look once again at Chapter 27 – a beautiful song of trust.


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  1. Nancy Nast says:

    Hi Kathy! This week has been one of realizing that tho’ things got rather complicated, It was not complicated to God. I did INDEED seek His face and was thrilled, as He smoothed out the bumps in my life.

    He is MY Help and really does life me up.

    v. 8 was a directive to me!

    Nancy Nast

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