Living It Out Colossians Lesson 13

by Kathy

girl with sun lightHi!  I am excited for you to join me this week as we study two more garments to put on – humility and gentleness.  We will be looking at what these two words mean biblically, along with some practical ways or ideas as to what these two attributes look like when we are wearing them. 

In the video today, I mention something that really touched my heart this week as I studied for this lesson.  I am going to write it out for you here so you can be sure to get it into your notes…”Gentleness means finding a loving and kind way to do a tough job.  It means having strength under control in one’s life and situations so that kindness and compassion shine through.”

Let this just sink into your thinking this week….when you have a difficult situation or person to handle, when you are tired and drained, when you are frustrated, the power of Jesus Christ, who has made you alive, enables you to find a way to handle that difficult situation – and handle it in a way that compassion and kindness shine in you!

Have a Grace Full Week!

Click below for this week’s study notes.

Living It Out Colossians Lesson 13 Study Notes



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