Living It Out – Colossians – Lesson 5

by Kathy

girl with sun lightHey there!  I’m so excited to bring Colossians, chapter 2, to you this week! We are going to look at verses 1-5.  Paul shares with us in these verses that he hoped that the Colossians church would be encouraged, united with each other in love, and know with full assurance and understanding the truth of the gospel.  He further shared with them the purpose of him pointing to these truths was to make them less vulerable to being decieved by crafty lies!

As you print off your notes for this week, you will notice that I want to challenge you to keep on applying things from chapter 1, be in the Word of God regularly, and consider how easy it is to be so easily deceived with lies by Satan.  I would like for you to prayerfully consider being more alert this week – on gaurd if you will – to the ways that Satan masterfully whispers lies to you.  You can only replace these lies with truth – the Word of God.  The more you read it and allow it to transform your heart, the more you will recognize the tactics of the enemy!

Have a grace full week!

Click below for this week’s study notes.

Living It Out Colossians Lesson 5 Study Notes

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