Living It Out – Colossians – Week 10

by Kathy

girl with sun lightThis week, we’ll be letting the words in Colossians 3:5-11 settle into our hearts and look for ways that God want us to live these words out daily.  Take a moment to listen to today’s video and then print this week’s lesson notes.  We’ll be taking a look at some stinky sinful clothing that God want us to take off.  It’s important that we examine this passage closely and allow the Holy Spirit to evaluate our hearts, asking Him to reveal to us areas of our heart that needs a spiritual circumcision.  It’s harder to put on the clothing that Christ wants us to wear when we haven’t taken off the clothing that we should not be wearing.

Click below for this week’s study notes.

Living It Out Colossians Lesson 10 Study Notes

Have a Grace Full Week!


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