Merry Christmas!

by Kathy

The past few days have been filled with a little last minute shopping, wrapping gifts, watching some Christmas movies, and grocery shopping for the festivities that will unfold over the next few hours.  This morning has been a very relaxed one, and we will soon begin preparing all our favorite dishes that will fill our table for our Christmas Eve buffet, Christmas morning breakfast and Christmas dinner to be enjoyed with family and friends.  When it is over, I am sure you will find me in a food coma!

As I read Luke 2 this morning, my eyes and heart settled on these words – “Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to YOU” (verse 11).  My heart never gets tired of hearing those words!  A Savior was born for me!  He left the  splendors of Heaven to come to earth and paid the price for my sin and gave me the priceless gift of peace with God.  As I step forward into my day, these are the words that I will be meditating on and causing me to sing a song of hope! I pray that these words are yours as well.

I will be singing this song as I put on the red apron…let the Christmas cooking begin.

Have a grace full Christmas!

Much love ~



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