Truth Tuesday – The Power of Praise

I am off this week on a little adventure with my sweet mama and  my precious daughter.  With my mom’s age and health, this is an opportunity that doesn’t happen very much and one that has to be planned out.  I would greatly appreciate your prayers for a time of sweet blessing, laughter, rich memories and health as we travel.

Because I am consumed with putting all the final touches together for the trip, I thought instead of writing something this week, I would share an article I found almost a year ago on Crosswalk and saved it in my prayer journal notebook.  Since I have been writing lately on the importance of implementing gratitude into our daily lives, I thought I would share it with you today.  It has been a great reminder to me on the power that we have in praising God. Continue reading “Truth Tuesday – The Power of Praise” »

Truth Tuesday – Blah or Bless?

psalm-103-1-2I love reading the Psalms and seeing how open and honest David is in expressing his concerns and fears to God.   One thing that has stood out to me when reading these heart felt prayers is how David had a shift in his thinking…his concerns…his fears…when he remembered who God is and would begin to praise Him.

Let me share with you an example.  In Psalm 31:9, David says this, “Be gracious to me, O Lord, for I am in distress, my eye is wasted from grief; my soul and by body also.”  Then in Psalm 31:14-20, his distress turns to praise – “But I trust you, O Lord; I say, You are my God….Oh how abundant is your goodness”.

This morning, before I wrote this blog, I was feeling a bit down and discouraged.  I read my morning devotion and felt like I was just going through the motions and continued to feel very blah.  I knew it was time for me to stop and offer God praise for who He is and some of the specific blessings I have received from Him and others over the last several days.  My heart was lifted.

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Truth Tuesday – Gratefulness In All Things

eph 5 20My brother died when I was eight years of age.  He was seventeen years old and a healthy, robust young man.  During a basket ball game, he collapsed on the gym floor and was pronounced dead at the hospital.  During the days and years that followed, my parents modeled for me how to trust God during hard times.  Over the years, God has not just taught me to trust Him, but to also give Him thanks in everything as well.

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Truth Tuesday – Am I a Worshipper or a Whiner?

Psalm 145 2

Sometimes it is necessary to paint a contrasting picture to help us step back, evaluate and ask ourselves the question: which most resembles my life?  In chapter 5 of the book Choosing Gratitude, Nancy Leigh DeMoss helps us to ascertain if we have the marks of a worshipper or whiner.  This is well worth our time to read and then personally assess!  I have included some really thought provoking quotes from this chapter.

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Truth Tuesday – Why Choose Gratitude?

choose grateful

In the day to day struggles – out there where feelings of disappointment and entitlement can lead us down paths where whining begins – why choose gratitude?  In chapter 4 of Choosing Gratitude, Nancy Leigh DeMoss shares eight reasons to choose gratitude, stating that personalizing and internalizing these should be sufficient in outweighing whatever it is that is tempting us to whine about instead of worship.

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Truth Tuesday – Thank you for the Cross

thank you for the cross

With the glorious Easter celebration just a few days away, I thought I would share with you this excerpt from chapter 2 in  Choosing Gratitude by Nancy Leigh DeMoss:

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Truth Tuesday – Where Does Gratitude Rank On Your List of Christian Virtues?

gratefulI recently read a book written by Nancy Leigh Demoss called Choosing Gratitude.  In the first chapter, she presents this question – “where does gratitude rank on your list of Christian virtues”? As I read the question, I stopped to consider whether or not I was practicing gratefulness.  Honestly, I wasn’t. The previous year had been very hard on our family with many illnesses, surgeries, job changes and hard struggles.  I had become weary and drained and I knew that being grateful was not regularly being practiced in my life.  The word that came to my mind was joyless.  As I sat in my chair, thinking about how joyless I had become, I went on to read this from Nancy Leigh Demoss – “Gratitude has a big job to do in us and in our hearts. And it is one of the chief ways that God infuses joy and resilience into the daily struggle of life“.  As I read this statement, I felt as if God was taking a highlighter and boldly pointing out these words to me.  It wasn’t the struggles that were creating my weariness and making me feel as if I was becoming less and less bendable, it was the lack of practicing and living out gratefulness in my life.

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Truth Tuesday – I Spy Something Lovely

Phil 4 8Does your life feel a little messy today?  Are there piles of laundry to do?  Kitchen in disarray?  Bills to pay?  A long list of to-do’s to accomplish?  An illness you didn’t expect?  A marriage that is broken?  Experiencing a time of difficulty?

We can easily get caught up in the moments that bring us stress and hurt, becoming fixated on them and allowing our thoughts to take a downward spiral.  Our emotions can lead us running to the point we are drowning in doubt, negativity, discouragement and anxiety.

In these moments, I have found that I have to change my perspective and do it quickly before I drown in a pity party of despair.  A game reminded me of one fun way to do this.

Have you ever played the game “I Spy”?  It is a game where one person picks out an object they see and give a hint about it to the other people playing the game.  Example – “I spy something blue.”  After the hint is given, people try to figure out the object the person spies.

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Truth Tuesday – Exchanging an Anxious Heart for a Joyful Heart

psalm 94 19

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to focus all your energy and attention on a problem your are facing?  Do you find yourself gazing at the situation to the point that you are anxious or fearful?    I have been there quite a few times.  I keep these statements of faith handy and read them, along with the scriptures noted, to remind me to trust God.

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Truth Tuesday – Dare to Hope

Lamentatons dare to hope

During the month of January each year,  I like to look back on the past year and reflect on all that the previous year entailed.  2016 was not an easy year for our family. Here is a brief recap:

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