See you on Monday

by Kathy

I have spent a wonderful day sitting outside and putting together some finishing touches on this next week’s lesson.   My new series, In the Waiting Room, begins on Monday, September 24.  At a time that is conveient for you, grab a cup of coffee (or your favorite beverage), your Bible, notebook and pen.  You can click on the website and hear a video lesson from me.  On Tuesday and Thursday, I will send you notes to dig a little deeper into the scripture passage and learn to apply it in your own life.  I will be sending these notes in pdf format so you can print them and keep them in a 3-ring notebook.  If you have a notebook with a clear plastic cover, that allows you to do an insert, I will also provide you with a cover page to print off and use for the front of your notebook.

In the meantime, I would love for you to share this website with your friends and family.  Please be sure to tell them to sign up to follow me via the email.  This way, they won’t miss any of the lessons or notes.  If you have a Face Book account, you can go to my About page and scroll down to the bottom.  Here you can click on the Face Book symbol and share this on your Face Book page.  Thanks so much!

Have a wonderful weekend.  I will see you on Monday.  I am so very excited to be on this Grace Full Journey with you!

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  1. Melissa Stanek says:

    I am excited to start. May God guide each one of us in this study. I pray that we are open to learn what God wants to show us and how to become more like him.

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