Truth Tuesday – New Study Begins Tuesday April 14

by Kathy

1 Peter Bible

For the last few weeks, during my own personal Bible reading time, I have been studying 1 Peter.  For the next couple months, I want to take you on a journey through this book in the Bible, sharing personally what God is teaching my own heart as I meditate on His Word.

First, let me share a little information about the writer of this book – Peter.

Peter is one of the easiest Apostles for us to relate with because he so often looks just like us!  He was known to mess up, put his foot in his mouth, act rashly, fail, have questions, struggle with fear, doubt and weaknesses. He experienced difficult times, was boisterous and loud, had a heart full of pride…and more.  Do you find yourself in any of these descriptions?  I do!

As I read the New Testament, I marvel at the stories about Peter.  In spite of all his weaknesses, God had great plans for Peter and equipped him to do them.  Peter was a very dear friend of Jesus.  Peter walked on water.  Peter boldly preached the name of Christ to thousands.  Peter’s life was remolded by Jesus and used in a mighty way to start the early Christian church following Christ death and resurrection.  Historical books tell us that he ultimately Peter died a martyrs death, crucified upside down.

Peter wrote 1st & 2nd Peter for the purpose of encouraging us in our faith.  He specifically wrote to Christians who were alienated and going through difficult times of persecution for their faith.    He teaches us that when life is hard, we can act in  obedient faith and be patient with our circumstances.  How?  By pointing us to Christ who gives us the ability to stand up under anything.  (As I write this, my mind goes back to our previous study – God is Able – a study on Ephesians 3:20-21)

There are going to be parts of this study that will cause us to look closely at our own hearts, as it calls us to live in a way that reflects the hope within us (God).  Warning – we may feel uncomfortable!  The process of being transformed to set apart lives is difficult because every part of our flesh cries out like a child having a tantrum, wanting to have their own way.   But God promises to be with us – helping us –  loving us – encouraging us with His grace and peace in abundance – and blessing us with great joy!

Join me starting next Tuesday and we’ll do some personal digging through 1 Peter.  I would love for you to invite some friends to come too!  Please share with them my website (  Let them know that they can sign up to follow the blog study by providing their email in the box under my picture, where it says “follow me”.

Have a Grace Full Week ~

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