Summer Worship Wednesday -Praising God For The Beauty He Has Created

by Kathy

Psalm 89 11


This past week, I have been enjoying the most beautiful weather.  There is nothing like Michigan summers!  I’m trying to soak it all in….warm days…beyond blue skies…a flower garden that is full bloom…and I could go on and on.  Yep, I am a summer girl!  I am soon heading for a vacation at the beach and cannot wait to take in the water, waves and sunsets.  I grew up on the west side of the state and it always feels a little like going home when I am spending time on Lake Michigan.

Here’s a picture of the pier from my hometown.

Psalm 97 6


For the last few days, my heart has been full enjoying this time of year and over flowing with praise to God. So I thought I would encourage you to join me this coming week to spend time throughout your day looking at creation and giving God praise for His marvelous creative hand!  What beauty He has created for His glory!!

Let this song get your praises started!



Have a grace full week of praise for all you see around you!




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