Summer Worship Wednesdays – Feeling Tongue-Tied?

by Kathy

Psalm 145 21

Ever have one of those days where you find it hard to praise and worship God?  When this happens to me, it is usually because I am so focused on my fears, anxieties and hurts, that I forget how and why I should praise Him.  The Psalms have taught me so much about praising God.  When David was feeling afraid, worried or discouraged, he would rearrange his thought pattern, thinking about who God is, and his countenance would change, prompting songs of praise.

When your messy day attempts to steal your joy and you become tongue tied, not knowing what to praise God about, let Psalm 145 be your guide.  In my Bible (in the margin next to this Psalm), I have written down 24 things that I can praise God for at all times:

  1. God is a personal God (vs 1)
  2. God is the Sovereign King (vs 1)
  3. God is great (vs 3)
  4. God is unsearchable (vs 3)
  5. God works on my behalf (vs 4)
  6. God is majestic (vs 5)
  7. God is good (vs 6)
  8. God is righteous (vs 7)
  9. God is gracious (vs 8)
  10. God is full of compassion (vs 8)
  11. God is slow to anger (vs 8)
  12. God is rich in love (vs. 8)
  13. God is merciful (vs 9)
  14. God is powerful (vs 10)
  15. God makes Himself known to me (vs 11)
  16. God is everlasting, enduring forever (vs. 13)
  17. God is faithful (vs 13)
  18. God loves me (vs 13)
  19. God helps me (vs 14)
  20. God provides for me (vs 15)
  21. God is generous (vs 16)
  22. God is near to me (vs 18)
  23. God listens to me (vs 19)
  24. God watches over me (vs 20)

I praise you God for how your Word always leads my heart to worship you!!

Go ahead and just belt this song out and let your mouth sing praise to the Lord…

2 Responses to “Summer Worship Wednesdays – Feeling Tongue-Tied?”

  1. Sheryl Warden says:

    Thanks so much for the encouragement . Yes, I have days that I feel it is hard to praise God when my ‘world’seems’ out of sorts.

    • Kathy says:

      Hi Sheryl! I’m so glad that God used me to encourage you today! This is a great reminder isn’t it that we can always find something to praise God for – even on the days that are difficult. I am finding that when I remind myself who He is my heart surrenders to praising Him even for the “out of sort” kind of things! He is good all the time!!

      Miss you!

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