Summer Worship Wednesdays – Worshipping Him Through The Uncluttering

by Kathy

2 Cor 3 18 b


A year ago, I started the task of going through every room upstairs in our house.  This included tearing down wallpaper, going through closets, reorganizing, and painting each room with a new color palette we had chosen for our home.  As I decided what items would be kept and stored, I made my way to the basement storage room.  Seeing that there was no room to add one more thing, I found myself tackling a new project of cleaning out and reorganizing the storage area.  Thankfully, it is almost done!

Honestly, this home project lasted longer than I originally thought it would.  Often, I allowed distractions to got in the way of the work that needed to be done.  At times, the whole process left me feeling quite frazzelled.  On some days, there were boxes I needed to sort through that brought up some painful memories.  But now, I see such beauty.  I love what has transpired in the rooms of my home.

This whole process has reminded me of what God does when we are surrendered to the process of Him making us to look more like Him.  Sometimes there is a lot of  heart clutter He needs to get through, messes to clean up, walls that have to be torn down, and brokenness that needs to heal.  Sometimes it takes longer than we think it should and is harder than we want.  Sometimes we allow distractions to have our attention so that we can ignore His voice and leading.    Sometimes, it makes us feel quite anxious and tired.

But all the while, His grace abounds while He waits on us to surrender…forgiving us…healing us…loving us unconditionally…providing guidance…and extending peace….and everything else that we perfectly need!

Take a moment to worship God today and thank Him for all that He is doing in your life – the good and the difficult.  Surrender your heart to His work of uncluttering and beautifying your life.

Uncluttered by Gwen Smith


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  1. Debora says:

    Thanks Kathy! So, so love this! Perfect message and perfect song. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus! Love you!

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