Truth Tuesday – Unveiling of my word for 2014!

by Kathy

stillLast year, God led me to focus on the word – persevere.  As I set out this month to discover what word God would lead me to this year, I went back through my journal and read what God had shown me about my lessons on perseverance.

As I read, I began to notice something that was a common thread – I often would get wrapped – entangled – in the   struggles of persevering…asking the “what-ifs” and the “how-longs”.  God certainly taught me so much about His Sovereignty and prayer this past year.   He taught me how He guides me and listens to my words poured out to Him.   But, when I considered what I  He wanted me to surrender more of, it was staring right at me.  My journaling revealed that I hadn’t made it a priority to simply be still in each and every moment.

As I took time to pray and write this month, God showed me that this is what He wanted me to focus on this year ~

  • To enjoy and be present in the present season – not looking back – not looking forward
  • To look for God’s presence in my present moment
  • To not get wrapped up – entangled in disappointment, struggles, fear, sorrows  and allow those thoughts to fill my moments
  • To be present in the moment and not pinning for what is ahead
  • To be STILL and know His presence and see what He wants me to see in the present moment – to not miss all the grace He is pouring out to me at that very moment!

So there you have it – my word for 2014 is “Still”….being still to see more of HIM and HIS Presence in my present!  Excited to share with you more of His grace this year as I practice being still.

As I write this – a funny phrase came to me from a Dr. Seuss book we use to read to our children when they were very young – “Oh the places you will go”….So hang on my friend – we’ve got places that God has for us to go and OH how wonderful they will be!  Hope you will join me on the journey this year!

Wishing you a week of knowing His Grace more and more!


6 Responses to “Truth Tuesday – Unveiling of my word for 2014!”

  1. Julie Phillips says:

    Thank you..i am telling myself at this very moment to un-frett myself and trust God for a blessing and to equip me for my first day of work after 12+ years as a mom at home. I am working with a special ed student today. I am getting ahead of myself trying to envision my day ahead. Breath and trust. Breath and trust! Xoxo

  2. Kimberly Evans says:

    I love it! it sure hits home with me too!

  3. Soo Sieber says:

    I want your bullet points in my life too. Last semester, I determined to cut back some work. I did. I am trying to be “still” and dwell in His presence. I am going to soaking up your “Grace full journey” as well this year.

    • Kathy says:

      I am so glad that you will be following Grace Full Journey this year! Keep me posted on what God teaches you in the “stillness”. So thankful for the opportunity to serve the Lord with this website!

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