Truth Tuesday – Practice Being Still

by Kathy

Be stillTo be bluntly honest, the past few weeks has been a journey where Satan, and what feels like an army of his enemies, has been right on my heels!  Through every weary day, I felt God reminding me of my word for 2014 and prompting me to “Be Still”.  So, I have been putting into practice this command (sometimes with a whole lot of work on my part in needing to surrender) and have been writing down what God is showing me.   Being still…being in His Word….applying the Word to my life gives me power to extinguish the fiery darts Satan sends my way and the enemy takes the hit…thank you Jesus!!

For the next couple weeks, I am going to encourage you to camp out with me in Psalm 37:1-7.  Next week, I am going to share with  you some really great stuff I am learning with this passage, but first, I want you to do some digging on your own.

Take out a sheet of paper, or your journal and jot down these notes about how to practice being still:

  • Find a quiet place.
  • Pick up your Bible and turn to a favorite Scripture passage (this week, use Psalm 37:1-7)
  • Read over and over until God’s Word stirs in your heart.
  • Pause, listen, and ask how does this apply to my life?  (Here is a question I will often ask myself:  “God, what heart attitudes have I been carrying that this verse needs to redirect?”)
  • Spend some time worshipping God for who He is!

As you read Psalm 37:1-7, pay attention to the nine (9) admonitions (command or action to take).  I took a colored pencil and highlighted them in my Bible.   We’ll talk more about these 9 commands next week!


This past week I was doing some research and reading some articles on being still before God. I ran into this and thought I would take a moment to share it with you.

Five Benefits of Being Still Before God

  1. When you are still before God….you know God.
  2. When you are still before God….you realize He is still at work.  He does not need your work to succeed for His plan to succeed.  (Honestly, He doesn’t!)
  3. When you are still before God….you know God has your future in His hands.
  4. When you are still before God….you will understand yourself better.  You get a glimpse of your life’s purpose through His eyes.
  5. When you are still before God…you realize your future is God’s memory.  And there you can have peace.

As you read through this passage in Psalm, I would love for you to share in the comment section how God is redirecting your heart in applying these truths to your everyday life!

Praying for you to find opportunities to practice being still this coming week~

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