Truth Tuesday – My Heart Cries Holy

by Kathy

Psalm 29 2

Today, as I enjoy this beautiful Michigan fall day, my heart is full and praising God –

…for how His character is perfect in every way and can never make a mistake

…for how His holiness infinitely sets himself apart from everything He has created

…for how He acts perfectly, speaks perfectly, creates perfectly, chooses perfectly, and parents perfectly

…for how my God, who is perfectly pure, holy and set-apart, desires to love this ever so imperfect gal and chooses to live in her

…for how He radiates all of His goodness to me and transforms me

….for how He forgives this sinner, restoring her heart with His endless love

…for the joy of being able to talk to Him anytime and He will listen

…for how I can give Him my cares because He will shepherd me perfectly

…for how He faithfully sings over me and blesses me with complete abundant life

I encourage you today to just simply spend time in His presence and  praise God for His awe-inspiring holiness, along with all the other things He is to you.  Allow God to show you how this act of praise will change your heart today.

I love how His bigness reminds me of just how small I am and in desperate need for all He is!  My heart cries holy, holy, holy is the Lord almighty!

Have a grace full week giving the Lord the glory that is due His name ~

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