Truth Tuesday – Open My Eyes to Wonderous Things

by Kathy

Psalm 119 18

Psalm 119 18

Last week, I shared with you how I have been working on reading my Bible each day and looking first to see what the verses tell me about God.  I am learning to do this before I even look at it for personal application or wisdom for my daily living.  As I work on this method of study,  I am discovering that my heart is being drawn towards being conformed to the image of the One I am beholding.  As I see who HE is, I long to become more Christ-like in my everyday life, which in turn, opens my eyes to more easily see the applications needed.   If you haven’t done so, take a moment to read last week’s Truth Tuesday – Opening the Bible To Let It Speak of God.

As God shows me in His Word who He is, what He is like, what He has done, and what He says He will do, I take time to reflect on it and thank Him for what He reveals to me.   Next, I consider how to apply the Bible passage I am reading  into my every day circumstances.  To do this, I begin by asking questions that are designed to probe my mind and heart.

This week, I would love to share with you the questions that I use when looking for personal application.  I have a copy of these questions tucked away in my Bible, which I can easily pull out and use.  Feel free to copy this for yourself and place it in your own Bible.

The following questions have been put together in an acrostic form, using the word “Applications”.

  • Is there an Attitude to adjust?
  • Is there a    Promise to claim?
  • Is there a    Priority to change?
  • Is there a    Lesson to learn?
  • Is there an  Issue to resolve?
  • Is there a    Command to obey?
  • Is there an  Activity to avoid?
  • Is there a    Truth to believe?
  • Is there an  Idol to tear down?
  • Is there an  Offense to forgive?
  • Is there a    New direction to take?
  • Is there a    Sin to confess?

In addition to the questions listed above, I frequently use three questions that I have learned from Lysa TerKeurst (Proverbs 31 Ministry):

  1. God, what plans have I made for today that this verse needs to interrupt?
  2. God, what thoughts did I bring in from yesterday that this verse needs to rearrange?
  3. God, what heart attitudes have I been carrying that this verse or scripture passage needs to redirect?

I find that when I read devotional on-line sites or books, it is easy to read the application the author writes about, only considering those thoughts as I end my devotional time.  Many of these applications are wonderful and God certainly uses them to speak to my heart!  However, when I choose to not only depend on the writer’s application, but seek further with my own thought provoking questions, I am often finding God has other things for me to learn…things that will cause me look deeper within…to see things that He needs to transform in me.   When I ask the questions above, I allow God to continue opening my eyes to wondersous things in His word that He wants to show me…and so often there is a heart that needs to humbly lay down its self-reliance and acknowledge the power and authority of God in order to live out what He calls me to do.

As God reveals these things to my heart, it is necessary to ask one more question during my study time:  “What steps/steps will I take to put this application into action in my life”?  Here is where you step into living out God’s Word.   This is a great thing to share with a mentor or good friend who is willing to hold you accountable on your life’s journey.

I so hope this has encouraged you today and perhaps given you some ideas as to how you want to approach your time in God’s Word.

Have a grace full week as you look for wonderous things in His Word ~

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