Truth Tuesday – Making Our Homes Holy Ground This Christmas

by Kathy

Adore HimHere it is December 1st already!  WHAT!?!  With time racing by with incredible speed, it is so easy for me to rush into this season with a whirlwind of activities of decorating my home, shopping for gifts and baking.  Just the baking alone can put me into a major tailspin, as I bake more than a 1000 cookies each year to give away as gifts to family, friends and work associates of my husband.

Without an intentional plan, the enemy can insidiously hijack this time of year for me, causing me to be focused on a materialistic rhythm, leaving me stressed and exhausted.  Because I don’t want to wake up Christmas morning and feel as though this season was about everything BUT Jesus, I purposefully schedule daily quiet time to adore Him.  To keep the right perspective through the holidays, it is necessary for me to reflect on the reason He came to earth, splitting history in two, and bringing us hope, peace and salvation.

Each December, there are questions that I ask myself which help me to have a more meaningful and Christ-filled Christmas:

  1. How can I prepare myself, my family and my home to celebrate Christ’s birth with great hope and anticipation?
  2. Have I planned enough space into my day to make reading God’s Word a priority in my schedule?   (This year I am reading a daily advent devotional called Born Is The King –
  3. Am I willing for God to interrupt me in the middle of the day to generously love or serve someone?
  4. Do my words and actions communicate commercialism or Christ to those around me?
  5. Am I willing to share my resources with people in need or despair?
  6. And then this one…what steps will I take to purposefully live a Christ focused Christmas?

You and I have the wonderful opportunity to show a watching world something truly hopeful and sincerely beautiful this Christmas.  We can show them something better than hurriedness, consumer driven over-spending, and stress.  Instead, we can point them to the Savior and invite them to join us in worshipping and adoring Him, where they (and us too!) will find true joy and contentment.  But most importantly, we can give to Jesus the reverence that He is owed, pushing all substitutions aside and making our homes holy ground.

Will you allow God to evaluate your heart and then allow Him to do any rearranging necessary to truly reflect Him this Christmas?

I hope you will join me each Tuesday during the month of December as I share thoughts on the Christmas story.

Have a grace full week adoring Christ the Lord ~



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