Truth Tuesday – When Interruptions Come Into Our Day

by Kathy

Isaiah 58 8 9Interruptions.  They come in various sizes and demands.  Some can be big, such as a major illness, a job loss, an unexpected financial need, or a car accident. Others can be little ones, like spilled milk, a flat tire, a friend who needs to talk, a wash machine that breaks, or simply the day not going as planned.

This past February, our family experienced a major interruption.  My mom fell and broke her hip, her arm and badly tore up her leg.  It has been a long four month journey of surgery, hospital stay, in-patient rehab care, physical therapy, wound therapy and doctor appointments.  In fact, 5-6 days per week have involved interruptions that have absorbed me…all while trying to juggle my own family and my job.  I am truly thankful for family and friends who have come alongside of me during this life interruption, praying for me and helping where they could.

In the midst of this major interruption, the small ones made their way in too.  Never, of course, at a good time! Do they ever?  One of those small interruptions happened this past weekend.

It was a beautiful warm sunny day.  We worked out in our yard for most of the day and were really looking forward to taking my mom on a little trip in the late afternoon to the garden nursery in our town to pick out her flowers and plant them for her.  It felt like a normal day.  And it felt really good!

I had just made my husband and I some fresh brewed iced-tea, poured it into the glasses and sat down outside on the patio.  I noticed our neighbor was out in his back yard and I waved to him.  Next thing I knew, he was walking toward our house.  Our neighbor loves to talk and talk and talk and then talk some more…and I knew that if he came over we would never make it to the garden center with my mom. Honestly, I truly didn’t want this interruption.  I felt like I had gone through enough interruptions of late and deserved to have a day go according to my plans. (Just keeping it real for you!) I wanted normalcy. I wanted to get in the car and take in all the flowers and enjoy them! But God had another plan for my day.  As the neighbor approached, God began speaking to my heart, urging me to simply accept this intrusion and serve Him.

I poured another glass of iced-tea and offered a listening ear to our neighbor.  In just a few minutes of sitting down with us, he began to share how broken he was, how much he missed his wife who had died a year ago, and how hopeless life felt.  For the next 2 hours, my husband and I allowed our neighbor to speak his hurt, while we prayed silently for God to give us words, so that as we opened our mouths His mercy, grace, hope and encouragement were given.  As he stood up to leave, he told us how much talking to us had helped him to find some peace and was hoping he could fix us some home made pasta soon and have us over for dinner.  Uhhhh, homemade pasta?  YES PLEASE!

I believe there is more to come from our interruption with the neighbor.  A story where God is designing the plotline and the finish, and He is calling my husband and I to be a part of it.

In the moment, I saw the neighbor coming, I could have run in the house and continued on with my plans for the day.  I have to admit, it was a thought that entered my mind.  I had some choices to make:  a) was I going to run from the interruption and continue on with what I wanted to do.  b) was I going to accept the interruption, grumbling inwardly the whole time…or c) was I going to willingly submit to the Lord and humbly follow His plan?

Big or small, you will face an interruption today, and if not today, just around the bend.  When it does occur, I want to encourage you go just go with it and follow God right smack dab into the middle of it. That following may seem like a slight irritation with your schedule for the moment, or it may seem like an impossible task to handle.  Whichever one it feels like to you, let God take you into that place, even if that place is one you don’t feel like seeing firsthand.  You might not grasp what He’s got in mind for you to do in that moment, but if you’ll follow where he’s leading, you will walk yourself right out onto the stage He has set for you and the story He wants to write in your life.

Your life is really God’s story.  Are you willing to be interrupted in small and big ways so that His character is displayed through you?  How does your life’s story read right now?  What does it tell about the God you love and serve?  Will you let your life shine for Him, even when your interruption is quite messy, or not as you had planned for the day?  Every day, there are people around us that are reading the story going on in our lives.  Will you let God make it possibly be the best story they have ever read?



6 Responses to “Truth Tuesday – When Interruptions Come Into Our Day”

  1. Joyce Harland says:

    Thank you, thank you for once again writing a practical, down-to-earth, where I’m at message that speaks to my heart. Your encouragement each week is such a blessing. Joyce

    • Kathy says:

      Thank you for sharing your heart with me. I praise God that He is using me to be a blessing and comfort to you and others each. I pray that you will let God shine His story through your interruptions!

  2. Nancy Specht says:

    Thank you Kathy for the reminder that our gracious God controls every area of our lives… even the seemingly interruptions! Praying for you and your dear one. 🙂

  3. Theresa says:

    Wow Kathy I didn’t know. Will pray for your moms continued healing and recovery. Way to go for Jesus sister !

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