Truth Tuesday – But God Intends It For Good

by Kathy

Genesis 50 20Looking for a great summer read? Try grabbing your Bible, heading outside, and reading Genesis, chapters 37 – 50 over the next week.  You can read a few chapters a day.  Keep the application questions at the end of today’s blog handy and seek what God is asking for you to apply in your own life.

In this week’s passage, we come to know about a man named Joseph who had many hard and difficult circumstances occur in his life.  He was taunted by jealous brothers, who schemed to get rid of him and held him captive in a deep reservoir.  Finally, they chose to sell him to merchants, who took him to Egypt and sold him into slavery.  His hard life continued with false accusations of attempted rape and imprisonment.

As the story further unfolds, Pharaoh (Egypt’s leader), had a disturbing dream that no one could interpret.  One of Joseph’s former prison inmates remembered Joseph’s ability to interpret dreams.  Joseph was brought before Pharaoh and accurately interpreted the dream, saving Egypt from an impending famine.  As a result of accurately interpreting the dream, Joseph was given great respect and made to be second in command to Pharaoh himself.

As years passed, the Egyptians knew abundance in their crops and were able to successfully store grain.  When the famine hit, they had enough to sustain themselves.  They were also able to provide grain to neighboring countries as well.  Among those that came for food was non other than Joseph’s brothers.  As you read the beautiful story, you will see that God took something meant to harm Joseph and turned it for good.  Instead of being bitter and unkind towards his family, Joseph chose an attitude of forgiveness and was reunited with them.

As I read this story, I thought about how I might have handled Joseph’s circumstances….how I handle my own…and  how easy it is to become discouraged, bitter or weary during times of hardship.  Joseph chose to handle the situation by choosing to walk the journey in faith, knowing he was in God’s hands and God would turn it to good and accomplish His plans.  As I read these chapters, there were a few things that stood out to me throughout the story:

  • Joseph chose to see good in his very difficult circumstances.
  • God’s greater good can come from circumstances that don’t appear good at first glance.
  • Joseph believed that God could use the sins of others for his good.
  • Joseph offered forgiveness to those that intended to harm him.
  • Joseph believed God had a plan.
  • Joseph saw that God had a greater purpose for allowing him to go through his trials.
  • As Joseph waited on God’s timetable, God revealed the purposes.
  • Because God is Sovereign, His plans cannot be thwarted.

Are there circumstances going on in your life right now that perhaps hold treasures you have yet to discover?  Take a moment to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How might my attitude be if I looked at my own difficult circumstances through the lens of Joseph’s words?  (“what was meant for evil and harm, God intended it for good”)
  2. What can I personally learn from the way Joseph handled his difficult circumstances?
  3. What does this Bible passage teach me about God?
  4. How important was forgiveness in this story?
  5. Is there someone in my life that needs to be shown forgiveness?
  6. How does God want me to apply this in my own life?
  7. What intentional steps will I take to live this out?

As you answer these questions, let your mind and heart settle on these words in Genesis 50:20 – “But God”.  These two words remind me that God can change any story in blink of an eye…incredible hope!

Have a grace full week living in the truth that God is good, His love for you is great, and you can trust what He says about working out all things in your life for His good and glory.  Keep trusting and yielding!


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