Truth Tuesday – He Will Deliver You

by Kathy

psalm-91-14-16Last week, I sat with my daughter in the emergency room at the hospital.  Her pain in her right side was increasing by the hour and tests were being done to determine the cause.   When the tests were complete, the doctor came into the room and announced she had a ruptured appendix!  My heart ran to fear, not only as a mom, but as a nurse I knew all the possible risks and complications involved.

Psalm 91 came to my mind.  I love this Psalm.  It is such a great reminder to me that no matter what I face in life, there are promises from God in this passage that give me hope.  The entire chapter is filled with the goodness and power of God…and great reminders that He faithfully works on behalf of those who love Him.  As the chapter comes to the end (Psalm 91:14-16), God gives 8 reasons of why we do not have to fear anything we face.


Here’s what God says:

  •  “I will rescue him…” (deliver, cause to escape)
  • “I will protect him…” (set him on a high place)
  • “I will answer him…” (respond to, speak)
  • “I will be with him in trouble…” (in afflictions, in distress)
  • “I will deliver him…” (rescue, to bring into safety)
  • “and honor him…” (to make rich, strong, heavy with honor)
  • “With long life will I satisfy him…” (to have abundance in the journey)
  • “and show him my salvation.” (let him see my deliverance & victory)

Before my daughter was taken into surgery, I prayed with her and asked God to protect and rescue her from the difficulties of having a ruptured appendix. While my husband and I waited for news from the surgeon, we were at peace knowing God was with her in that operating room and He would help us to face whatever the outcome of surgery was.  When the surgery was over, the surgeon came out to see us.  He informed us that her appendix was filled with a lot of infection but there was no rupture.  Thanking God for answering our prayer, for protecting her and delivering her from serious complications.  So thankful that He is our Refuge and Fortress!

Whatever circumstances you find yourself in today, there is no need for you strive on your own, fret and be afraid.  God is near.  He hears your cries. God is a safe refuge for you to run to.  He will deliver you. Spend some time today reading Psalm 91 and then thank Him for all He promises to do for you. You are loved by a mighty God!




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