Truth Tuesday – Am I a Worshipper or a Whiner?

by Kathy

Psalm 145 2

Sometimes it is necessary to paint a contrasting picture to help us step back, evaluate and ask ourselves the question: which most resembles my life?  In chapter 5 of the book Choosing Gratitude, Nancy Leigh DeMoss helps us to ascertain if we have the marks of a worshipper or whiner.  This is well worth our time to read and then personally assess!  I have included some really thought provoking quotes from this chapter.

1. A grateful person is a humble person, while ingratitude reveals a proud heart. Pride is the seed from which all other sins grow — the first root of those being ingratitude.

“Gratitude is a revealer of the heart, not just a reporter of details.
And among the things it reveals about us most is our level of humility.”

When a person feels entitled to his blessings, whether it be his paycheck, home, things accomplished, etc. an ungrateful heart likes to respond by expounding on his possessions. While the grateful and humble man doesn’t need to go to great lengths to explain who he is or parade his accomplishments.

A question to ponder:  Do you more often manifest a humble, grateful spirit, or a proud, self sufficient, ungrateful heart?

2. A grateful heart is God-centered and others-conscious, while an ungrateful person is self-centered and self-conscious. Or, in other words, a grateful person cares about serving others. An ungrateful person cares only about being served.

“A common end result of ingratitude is the sin of moral impurity.
An ungrateful heart is quick to notice when self is feeling unsatisfied,
and is vulnerable to resorting to sinful acts and behaviors
in an attempt to eliminate pain and experience personal pleasure.”

A question to ponder:  Do you tend to be more focused on your own needs and feelings or on blessing and serving God and meeting the needs of others?

3.  A grateful heart is a full heart, while an unthankful heart is an empty one. Unthankful people will always be unsatisfied people. Thankful people, on the other hand, will always have more than enough! You see, it doesn’t really matter what the figures say on paper, it matters what your heart says about your possessions/status/well-being. If you are grateful for you have, you will be content. If you are ungrateful, then no matter how much you already have, you will always want more! It’s like a three-legged dog, who is simply overjoyed to be alive rather than despondent about its missing leg — vs. a container with a hole, which is never quite full enough.

“Gratitude is often the only difference between pervasive sadness and pure satisfaction.”

Questions to ponder:  Are you more prone to focus on what you wish you had (or didn’t have) or on the blessings you do have that are far greater than you deserve?  Do you have a full heart, or does your heart “leak out” the blessings God pours in, always needing something more to be satisfied?

4. People with grateful hearts are easily contented, while ungrateful people are subject to bitterness and discontent. 

“Ungrateful people tend to hold tightly to their rights.
And when others fail to perform the way they want or expect them to,
they feel justified in making demands and retaliating emotionally.”

A question to ponder:  As a rule, are you easily contented with what God provides, or do you find yourself resenting difficult circumstances or people and becoming demanding or depressed when others fail to meet your expectations?

5. A grateful heart will be revealed and expressed by thankful words, while an unthankful heart will manifest itself in murmuring and complaining. 

Grateful people are content and full, and make known their grateful heart attitudes with thankful words. Ungrateful people are empty, bitter, dissatisfied, and discontent, and make known their ungrateful heart attitudes with unthankful words — complaining, whining, nagging, griping.

“Some grumble at why God put thorns on roses,
while others wisely notice that God has put roses among thorns.” 

A question to ponder:  Do you spend more time counting and recounting your blessings or your problems?

6. Thankful people are refreshing, life-giving springs, while unthankful people pull others down with them into the stagnant pools of their selfish, demanding, unhappy ways. 

However you view life — through a positive lens or a negative one — rubs off on those around you. If you are always seeing the bad in everything, those around you will have a profoundly negative view of life. But if you joyfully give thanks for all things, in all circumstances, then those around you will begin to do the same.

“How happy a thing it must be to be a Christian!

Questions to ponder:  What impact does your spirit have on those around you?  Are they refreshed and encouraged by your thankful spirit?  Or are they weighed down by your negative, ungrateful words and attitude?


Well….are you a worshipper or a whiner?  What will you do today, tomorrow and the next day to choose to cultivate a heart of gratitude?  What will be your story you will tell others?  Take a moment to spend time worshipping God today and sing along with the song posted below.

Have a grace full week of choosing gratitude ~

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