Truth Tuesday – Are Your Words Gracious and Salty?

by Kathy

Words can make or break every relationship that we have.  Our words will either draw people to us, or they will push people away.  Words, written or spoken, carry great weight in our lives.

In today’s verse, God is encouraging us to let our words, “always be gracious and seasoned with salt”.   Let’s consider what salt does and then make some spiritual applications so that we can live out being gracious in our conversations.

  1. Salt preserves.  Do our words preserve God’s Word?  Are we helping to improve a situation and keep decay from happening?
  2. Salt is valuable.  Do our words add value to the conversation at hand, or are they empty and worthless?
  3. Salt purifies and softens.  Are the words we utter pure and truthful?  Are they soft and kind or harsh and hostile?
  4. Salt melts hard ice.  Do we phrase our speech in such a way as to help melt an icy conversation and bring out the best in others?
  5. Salt prevents infection in a wound.  When an interaction starts to turn ugly – either between you and another person or in a group situation – do your words try to help heal, preventing further toxicity from spreading?
  6. Too much salt ruins the soup.  Although we are called to season our speech with salt, too much salt will not only spoil the soup but can overpower a conversation as well.  Are we taking time to listen to others during interactions and pausing long enough before we speak to let the Holy Spirit interrupt and redirect our thoughts and words we speak?

Before we speak words in person, or while texting or online, may we remember to let the salt of grace season our encounters today.

Have a grace full week speaking salty words of hope…love…life

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