Truth Tuesday – Focussing On Your Word for 2014

by Kathy

focusFor all my friends who have taken up the challenge to find your one word for 2014…how are you doing?  I wish that we could sit together, sipping our coffee and talking about it.   This week, I want to share with you some ideas on what to do once you have picked out your word.  (NOTE:  If this is something that God is calling you to do this year, read the last sentence of this post and respond!)

1.  Keep the word in front of you daily.  Take your eyes off your mistakes, your regrets and failures – the gap between where you are and where you want to be – and simply focus on the one thing you want God to do in you this year.  Focus on your one word for a whole year.

To keep focused on my word last year, I took scrabble letters and spelled out my word.  From time to time, I moved my word throughout the house so that my eyes didn’t ignore it because it had become a familiar decoration sitting out on a table.

Or you can try these ideas:

  • writing it out on a index card and changing the location you keep it each week (on the refrigerator, on the dashboard of your car, on the bathroom mirror, in a drawer you open daily, on a door you pass through often)
  • draw, color, paint your word on cardstock and frame it
  • write your word on a stone using a permanent marker
  • stencil the word on your wall, write it on your calendar, or on a dry erase board

The goal is to keep your word before you so that you don’t forget it.  Ever hear the saying – “out of sight, out of mind”?

Keeping your word where you will see it serves as a reminder, urging you to focus and trust the process.  Sometimes it will alert you to pay closer attention.  Sometimes it will call you to look at things differently.  And sometimes….it will encourage you that you are making progress!  I can personally tell you that whether it feels like life is going well, or it feels that I have come unglued and failed, the sight of my word rekindles my faith that God is continuing to mold me for His glory!

2.  Listen – trust – obey!  Once you have your word to focus on, the next step to take is begin the process of discovering what God wants to teach you.  The more time you spend reading His Word and talking to Him throughout the day, you will learn to hear His voice.  Consistency is important.

Here are some things that I did this past year to be intentional about discovering what God wanted to teach me with my one word:

  • I selected a key verse that challenged me with my word.  I wrote down my verse and kept it before me, reading it often, praying over the verse, and using it to guide me when the challenges arrived.
  • I shared my word and verse with people who would hold me accountable to living out the word daily.
  • I purposed to spend time reading God’s Word and talking to Him by carving out time to do it.
  • I spent time writing in my journal what God revealed to me as He opened up my heart to the lessons of my word.  Writing held me accountable to allowing the word to change my character.   Journaling also allowed me the opportunity to sit and reflect what I was learning, and where I was choosing to not be obedient.
  • I watched for ways that God brought a reminder of my word throughout the year.  This was really fun and eye-opening!  I would hear my word in a sermon, in a conversation or in a song.  My word would jump off of a page I was reading and bring a smile to my face.  In each of these moments, I would stop and really listen to what God was wanting to say to me.

3.  Don’t abandon your word.  As you spend time with your word, you will see how it morphs to keep you moving in the direction God intends.  There may be days in which you don’t feel that you are learning anything and that you have reached a standstill in your growth.  May I simply encourage you to stick with it and pray.  Ask God  to expand your vision with your word.  Return to the Scriptures and read more about your word or the concept it encapsulates.  Ask God to convict you where you need it but haven’t realized it.

Will you take a moment and share your word with me?   I would LOVE to hear about it.   If there is an interest with my followers doing this, I will make it a point this year to encourage you along the way with challenges to stay focused this year.  If God is calling you to take this journey – please take a moment to write something in the comment section about your word .  If you don’t know your word yet, simply comment that you will take up the challenge to discover your word for this year.

Next week, I will share with you how God took my word for 2013 and morphed it into this year’s word.

I can’t wait to hear about your word for 2014!

Have a Grace Full Week!

6 Responses to “Truth Tuesday – Focussing On Your Word for 2014”

  1. Dee says:

    My word this year is “IN.”
    My over all goal is to be IN Christ. To be hidden away IN Him. But, along with that I want to be IN the moment. If I am truly walking IN Christ’s leading, I will be IN the moment with where He leads.
    My verse is 2 Corinthians 5:17
    “This means that anyone who is IN Christ has become a new person.”

    • Kathy says:

      Here’s to becoming more “in” in your walk with Christ this year! Love it! Stay tuned to my word reveal next week….I know you will chuckle…my kindred spirit friend!! Praying for this in your life!

  2. Tammy says:

    My word is PATIENCE. I have not discovered a verse yet, as this just came to me a few days ago. We got lice at our house (boy don’t even like to say it or admit it), not once but twice!!! With 3 girls and myself you can imagine my breakdown moment the second time it was discovered!!!! You have to be so patient combing through hair EVERY. Day for 2 weeks… and x3, I realized this was my word for this year!! God has already been at work in me!! Thanks for cheering me on!! I really enjoy your posts every week! Thanks Kathy¡

    • Kathy says:

      God has interesting ways to open our eyes to areas He needs to mold in our heart!! I will be praying for you. Did you pick out a verse that you would like to use? Keep me posted!

  3. Julie Phillips says:

    Good Morning Kathy,

    My word is confidant or friend. I long to walk talk and love Jesus the way the OT describes Moses and Him. I have chosen two scriptures that translates different functions of my word. They are from.The Voice rather long but noteworthy! Where are my scramble letters? Ha! Love you!!!

    Matthew 4:18 By now Jesus desires a community around Him, friends and followers who help Him carry this urgent, precious message to people. His message is not dissimilar to John’s: Turn away from sin; turn toward God. And so He calls a community to join Him. These first beloved followers are called “disciples,” which means “apprentices.” The first disciples are two brothers, Simon and Andrew. They are fishermen. One day Jesus was walking along the Sea of Galilee when He saw Simon (also called Peter) and Andrew throwing their nets into the water. They were, of course, fishermen.

    Numbers 12:9 Moses is described as uniquely close to the Lord. He is singled out as God’s servant, a distinction reserved for a few in the Old Testament, with David being the most notable. His importance is underscored by God’s unique communication with Moses. It is direct, plain, and without trances, visions, or dreams. Literally, the communication is right in God’s face. The idea here is that it is not veiled but intimate; there is a closeness between God and Moses no other person shares. But in the same way that Jesus will be understood only by those who know Him and are known by Him, God’s communication to Moses is different. It is not a riddle that is hard to understand or easy to confuse. God is seen and heard clearly by His servant and friend, Moses.

    • Kathy says:

      I look forward to hearing more of how your love for God grows this year and how He will use it to shine His Light to all those around you! I love your heart and passion for Christ! Thanks for sharing Julie.

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