Truth Tuesday – Taking a break this week but wanted to share this exciting information with you!

by Kathy

RestlessHappy day to you my sweet friends.  I am taking the week off from posting a truth for us this week.  Instead, I thought I would take this weekly time together to share with you a wonderful Bible study I have recently had the opportunity to review.

The name of the study is Restless by Jennie Allen.  Jennie is the founder of the IF: Gathering and a passionate follower of Christ who has a heart for women to live out what they believe.  I love her heart!!

Restless is a 8 week study that includes a workbook and DVD.   Each session looks at the life of Joseph and how his heart passions, relationships and trials all fit into a perfect plan that God had for Joseph’s life.

Just like Joseph, God has a wonderful and perfect plan for each one of us as well.  He wants to take every part of our life – even the mundane messy threads – and weave them into something very beautiful.  When we don’t allow Him to do this, we can become ever so restless in our hearts and minds.

This Bible study helps women to walk through a very practical plan that will help them to identify the areas in their hearts/minds that have become restless.  I love the format of this study.  It calls for women to be very real with their emotions, fears and dreams.  The study comes with a set of really cute conversation cards to be used each week that will spark tremendous discussions – I love them!

Let me share with you Jennie Allen’s site that discusses this study –

I would love for you to do the following this week:

  • Check out the above website
  • Share this study with your church’s women’s ministry coordinator
  • Consider buying the affordable study kit and hosting a Restless Bible study small group in your home this summer.

Much love to you.

Have a Grace Full Week!



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  1. Soo Sieber says:

    I ordered the book and study kits. I might have to translate for the Korean ladies.
    Why not!

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