Truth Tuesday – Crashing the Chatterbox

by Kathy

chatterboxOne of the books I am reading this summer is called Crashing the Chatterbox by Steven Furtick. (By the way…I am often deeply challenged by this pastor’s teaching.  Check out his resources and sermons by clicking on his name above.)

My heart truly wants to live out the truth of God’s Word.  But sometimes, I have negative chatter running  through my mind that makes it really hard to hear and listen to God’s word speaking to my heart.  I begin to have thoughts and feelings that make me believe that I can’t do what God is asking me to do.  Then I come up with all kinds of excuses that support my feelings.  Can you relate to this too?

The author of this book shares his own vulnerability in this area, offering really awesome insight and practical advice on how to shut down the chatterbox in our thought process.

Let me share with you an excerpt…

he most powerful confessions you can ever learn to make starts like this:  ‘God says I am _________.’  Then get busy learning how to fill in the blank.  The Bible is full of vivid descriptions of the kinds of labels you should wear as God’s child.  Once you’ve made the decision to build your assessment of yourself exclusively on God’s Word, the chatterbox loses its ability to trash-talk you into submission.  And the more adept you become at talking smack back to the chatterbox, the more ingrained the reality of who you are will become.  Crashing the chatterbox is about learning to say things like this – out loud – daily.”

God says….

…I am His masterpiece.

…I am His workmanship.

…I am established.

…I am sealed with His promise.

…I am redeemed

(the above writing from pg. 28-29)

We must be intentional about building our personal identity completely on what God’s Word says about us.  As we speak these truths to ourselves (out-loud is a great way!), the chatter in our minds will lose the ability in convincing us to believe the whispering lies.  God’s Word is truly powerful!

If you find that you have your own chatterbox going on in your mind, let me encourage you add this book to your summer reading.  It’s truly a wonderful book!

Well…I’m heading back outside to do some more reading of Crashing the Chatterbox!

Have a grace full week!

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