Truth Tuesday – Give Thanks For His Love Endures Forever

by Kathy

I know you are busy getting ready this week with your Thanksgiving plans but I wanted to take a moment to just share a simple, yet ever so profound promise with you found in Psalm 136:1.  One that I am taking the time this week to slow down for just a moment and really think about the implications in the words “for His steadfast love endures forever”.

This is an unchanging love…lasting…until the end of time. It’s a  love that does not depend on my strength or weakness, my success or failure. The promise of His love being without end is enough to cause our hearts to be thankful everyday, yet He has unmeasurable more ways He has been good to us and will be good to us in the future.  He is truly a good, good Father who loves us with a steadfast and perfect love!

I pray your heart will be encouraged by this promise today and you will take a moment to lift a prayer of thanks to Him!

From my house to yours ~ Happy Thanksgiving ~

Have a grace full Thanksgiving!

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