Truth Tuesday – Be Joyful. Keep praying. Give thanks.

by Kathy

1Thes 5 16 17 18I have a dear friend that is living these verses out right before my very eyes. As a Christ follower, her heart is surrendered to God’s will and the difficult journey He has called her to right now.  Her sweet husband has been placed in hospice and will soon be eternally home.  Since his diagnosis of cancer was announced one year ago, my friend has openly shared her faith with those around her, chosen to be joyful through her husband’s terrible illness, looked intentionally for ways to praise God during this whole ordeal, and prayed continually.  She has been a tremendous blessing to me as I have watched her trust God, knowing that He is in control and her Sovereign King!

In lieu of posting any more thoughts today, could I please ask you to take time to pray for my friend?  Her name is Kim and her husband’s name is Ray.  Pray for their sons, daughter-in-laws and sweet baby grandchildren.  Pray for God to be most glorified through all of this.  Pray for strength for this family as they say their temporary good-byes.  Pray for continued peace which is so incredibly present in their lives.  Pray for further opportunities for their faith in Christ to be shared with many more.  Thank God for all He is doing through their difficult circumstances.

Added note 8/12/14 at 7:30am – I just received word that Kim’s husband is eternally home!  Thank you, Jesus for all you have been doing and will continue to do through this difficult journey for this family.  “Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his faithful servants.”  Psalm 116:15

Consider how can you live out these verses in your own life this week?

From the bottom of my heart – thank you!! I am praising God for all of my readers…thinking about how many prayers will be going right into God’s presence in the next few days on behalf of Kim and Ray and their family!

Have a Grace Full Week choosing to be joyful, praying often, and giving thanks for all things!

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