Truth Tuesday – Where Does Gratitude Rank On Your List of Christian Virtues?

by Kathy

gratefulI recently read a book written by Nancy Leigh Demoss called Choosing Gratitude.  In the first chapter, she presents this question – “where does gratitude rank on your list of Christian virtues”? As I read the question, I stopped to consider whether or not I was practicing gratefulness.  Honestly, I wasn’t. The previous year had been very hard on our family with many illnesses, surgeries, job changes and hard struggles.  I had become weary and drained and I knew that being grateful was not regularly being practiced in my life.  The word that came to my mind was joyless.  As I sat in my chair, thinking about how joyless I had become, I went on to read this from Nancy Leigh Demoss – “Gratitude has a big job to do in us and in our hearts. And it is one of the chief ways that God infuses joy and resilience into the daily struggle of life“.  As I read this statement, I felt as if God was taking a highlighter and boldly pointing out these words to me.  It wasn’t the struggles that were creating my weariness and making me feel as if I was becoming less and less bendable, it was the lack of practicing and living out gratefulness in my life.

I have been on an intentional journey for the last several months of choosing joy and gratitude. It is not easy at times.  It is a choice that requires a constant renewing of my mind with the truth of God’s Word, setting my heart to savor God and his gifts, and disciplining my mind and tongue to think and speak words that reflect His goodness and grace.  It takes practice to make this a quick normal go-to reflexive response in every moment of daily life!

In every circumstance that comes our way, we can respond in one of two ways:

We can whine


We can worship!

And you can’t worship without giving thanks!

And…this kind of worshipful thankfulness…it gives hope when there aren’t answers

and it transforms overwhelmed, weary strugglers into triumphant conquerors!

Here’s a question for you to ponder today… Where does gratitude rank in your life right now?  I hope you will join me for the next several weeks as I bring you thoughts and challenges for our hearts on being grateful.  I will be sharing a lot of wonderful words from the book Choosing Gratitude – Your Journey to Joy. 

Have a grace-grateful week!

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  1. Nancy Specht says:

    Amen! I hear you dear sister and join you in this struggle to find “joy in the journey” as Michael Card sings. I also join you in reading this book, which I have started and never completed. Today is the day to begin again! Thank you Kathy for this encouragement.

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