Truth Tuesday – She Laughs!

by Kathy

She LaughsProverbs 31:25 – “She is clothed in strength and dignity and can laugh at the days to come.”

She can laugh (The Hebrew word here also means rejoice)

Are you able to have this kind of attitude when you look at the things that concern you – kids, marriage, job, finances, health, relationships, future, etc.?

I’m not talking about laughter that comes from having a careless attitude, or thinking of your situation as a joke.  No, the laughter that this verse reflects is more an attitude of joy.  The kind of joy that comes when you are confidently trusting in God, assured of His faithfulness and resting in the knowledge that He will work all things together for your good (Romans 8:28).

The next time you are tempted to worry about a situation in your life – stop and remember this verse.  Remind yourself that God is in control and is working on your behalf in His timetable!  Allow this thought pattern to permeate your thinking.  I just bet a smile will turn up on your face and perhaps you will find yourself tilting your head back and just joyfully laughing!  Go ahead and try it.  I guarantee it will make a big difference in your day!

Have a grace full week laughing!




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