Truth Tuesday – Promises of God

by Kathy

luke-1-45Last week, I encouraged you to lay your hurts, doubts, fears and “what ifs” down and claim the hundreds of rock solid promises in the Bible God has for you.  This week, I thought I would share with you a free downloadable manual that I found on   It is written by Timothy Keller, a author, pastor and theologian.  You will find this manual to be a comprehensive list of scripture promises such as:

  • promises to help with prayer
  • promises of the Holy Spirit’s powerful ministry
  • promises to those who are afflicted
  • promises to give protection
  • promises to save our children and future children
  • promises to those who fear God
  • promises that God will be with us

There is a wealth of written promises in this manual…more than the bullet points I have listed above.  Although it is a lengthy manual, this is a wonderful resource to either download or copy and use it during your own prayer warrior time.

Timothy Keller writes this, “The fuel of an intercessor is the promises of God. We remind God in prayer of what he has said and call him to be faithful to his word. Attaching God’s promises to people and situations is the very backbone of all faith-filled praying.”

In this manual, you will be given ideas on how to use it during your personal devotional time, in writing encouraging notes and emails, family devotions, and several others.

My hope and prayer is that this manual will be one that becomes a treasure to you in your prayer time…that the Word of God would give you a clear vision of exactly who God is and His purposes for your life…and help you to pray with more faith.

Click here for Manual – scripture-promises-and-prayer

Have a grace full week taking God at His Word ~

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