Truth Tuesday – What is your focus this week?

by Kathy

He is RisenAs you go through your week and prepare to celebrate Easter, I hope that the story of the cross will be what you focus on.  It is so easy to let your thoughts and actions be consumed by the busyness to get everything done for your time of celebration.

This week, I would love to challenge you to be intentional to take time at the beginning of your day…before your schedule gets full of plans, meeting needs and interruptions….and read God’s Word with the intent of reflecting on the true meaning of Easter.  Here are a couple Bible passages to read:

Reflect on the Last Supper – Read Luke 22:14-20

Reflect on the Crucifixion – Read Isaiah 53

Reflect on what Christ’s Ressurection means to you – Read 1 Peter 1:3-5

Each day, prayerfully consider how you can make the story of the cross the main focus in your home this week.  Ask God to show you who needs to hear the story of the cross.  I have attached a beautiful video that you can share with someone who needs to know that Christ is alive and is the only One who can bring them true forgiveness, healing, hope and meaning to their life.  Feel free to share this website and message with them.

Have a blessed Easter celebrating that the Lord is Risen!

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