Truth Tuesday – Keep Walking

by Kathy

Keep walkingI have spent the last few weeks looking back on my journey of 2013 and the word that has been my focus this year – perseverance.  God has taught this heart so many things and showed me areas that continue to need molding and obedience.

Throughout this year, God has answered many of my prayers.  Some He hasn’t.  He has chosen to use these unanswered prayers, to teach me about real perseverance.   Persevering through these heart longings, I have encountered the enemy blinding my vision, by clouding my perspective.  In some situations, discouragement was never far away, especially when I didn’t readily see God working.  On these days, I would look at my word – perseverance – spelled out with Scrabble cubes, and I would tell myself, “Kathy, keep being obedient even when you don’t understand…keep pursuing God…keep praising Him…keep praying…keep walking in faith!

On one particularly hard day, I felt God urging my heart to check out a message brought by Steven Furtick of Elevation Church in North Carolina.  As I listened, I knew that God was pouring out His Grace, desiring for me to hear His Truth, and encouraging me to take each unanswered prayer as an opportunity to practice the simple walk of obedience, until God provides what He promises to do.

Perhaps someone is reading this and feeling so ever so tired and discouraged, as you wait for God to answer your prayers.   Dear friend, don’t give up.  Keep persevering…keep walking in obedience…until God chooses to show you His Plan!   Let me share with you the message that challenged my heart to keep persevering in my walk.  It will take about 45 minutes to listen to the whole sermon….worth every moment!   I hope you will intentionally carve some time in this to listen to this recording.  When you do,  grab your Bible and turn to Joshua 6 and prepare for your heart to be challenged and blessed!   After you listen, take some time to consider how you will apply it in your own life.



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