In the Waiting Room – Week 4 – Thursday Study Notes

by Kathy

On Tuesday, we discussed 3 nuggets of truths found in Psalm 17 that help us to redeem the time while we wait.  They were:

  • Keep allowing God to probe your heart.
  • Keep yourself in the right company.
  • Keep yourself on the right path.

Today, I am going to share 3 more with you.  Be sure and take time today, or sometime this weekend, to journal (place provided in your notes) what God has taught you this week, and what steps you are specifically taking to appy this lesson in your own life.

Have a Grace Full Weekend.

Click below for your notes.

Blog Psalm 17 Thursday Study Notes and Questions

As you pour out your heart to God in worship today, may this song remind you that He hears!  He is your refuge!  Stand strong in your faith as you await His answer, redeeming the time while you wait.



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